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June 13, 2008


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Have you tried the "Percy Jackson and the Olympians" series by Rick Riordan? I like those a whole bunch.


How about Artemis Fowl? Larklight? Inkheart?

Back to Freddy the Pig -- in some of the later books Walter Brooks talked about Communists. Did that give you pause? (Brooks, by the way, also wrote short stories for the Saturday Evening Post that featured a talking horse named Mister Ed.)


hi oliver. i found your blog via your dad's. i don't know how easy it is to find now, but one of my favorite series when i was about your age was Bunnicula, a series about a family who adopts a rabbit who might be a vampire. it's really funny. it's written by James Howe and i know it's on amazon.com. i bet it's still in bookstores, too.

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