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The current Republican Party - and so that is to say that the "current Republican voters" - stands for 1) returning the US to the economic, social, and political conditions of the pre-New Deal (if not the Gilded Age) US, 2) punishing minorities of all varieties - sexual and racial - for the crime of insisting on equal justice under law, and 3) white supremacy (which is tied up with #2).

It's not opinion or debate; it's right there in the open. It's the party platform. It's the legislation. It's in the Federalist Society judges' rulings, and the ALEC guidance, and the gerrymandering, and the lying, and the wars.

How the hell any US citizen with a functioning hindbrain can "debate" that is utterly beyond me. It's been the only real genius of Trump to bring all the racism and feudalism out from under the Reagan "government is the problem" and "taxes are theft" rock.

The answer is simple and obvious and has been since the Gingrich Revolution. There's an "America", the one that stands for all the aspirational words in the foundation documents, the one that promises to be not what the Founders actually created (a nation that was by and for rich white guys...) but the one that kept saying they were creating. There are people who believe in that nation and work to make it so.

Then there are Republicans. Who hate that "America" with every fiber of their being for it's insistence that every goddamn homo and darkie and raghead and woman is as valuable and worthy of respect as they are. Whose "America" is, as you say, white, male, Christian, plutocratic and feudal. It's the America where you can call the faggots faggots and kick the darkies to the curb and tell the women to shut up and go make a sandwich. The America where if you're not in church on Sunday you should worry about getting in trouble. The America that' Saudi Arabia only with churches instead of mosques, or Russia only with Budweiser instead of vodka.

So it's that simple.

You can be a good "American"

Or you can be a good Republican.

But you cannot be both.

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