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“America...just a nation of two hundred million used car salesmen with all the money we need to buy guns and no qualms about killing anybody else in the world who tries to make us uncomfortable”

~ H.S. Thompson


And I should add that what was immensely frustrating was trying to clue what seemed like 80% of the U.S. public about Donnie's well-known-in-the-NY/NJ-area grifting past. That's who and what he WAS; the short-fingered vulgarian who cheated people and profited off sending his "businesses" into bankruptcy. Everybody in the metro area knew how bone-stupid he'd been with the USFL, and how he'd been the major player in driving the league into the ground and strolling away with a pocketful of cash.

And every time I'd start ringing the firebell about him I'd get these bemused looks; "But...he's a BUSINESSman..!" "He's rich, you don't get rich from being stupid and short-sighted!" and I'd hammer on how you can if you're a good conman and you can trick people into being more stupid and short-sighted than you are.

And, obviously, it didn't make enough of a difference to spare us the rule of this idiot and his pack of thieves...


I dunno. Your descriptions don't actually make it sound as it any of these characters are actually *worse* than Trump. Or is it just your contention that they're all equally bad?

Lance Mannion

Geox, I might have been a bit hyperbolic there. But there are some pretty bad actors in the book, Manges being one of them---there's more about him than I got into here. But the Donald Trump who appears in the book is 1980s Donald Trump when he was just another up and coming Reagan era greedhead. You can see the qualities that would make him the monster he is today (and several people around him did see him growing worse) but in the context of the time, he wasn't the worst crooked wheeler dealer wheeling and dealing. It's just hard to see him in the context of those times now. The idea he might be president was in no one's head but his own and he was still keeping it to himself. But at the time he there was nothing special about him. There still isn't really. He's a type. The thing that sets him apart from other types like him is that he's in the White House and they're still operating their cons, doing their bullying, and using their wealth and influence to make life miserable for people in Wichita and Ashtabula.

Chief, the morning before you posted the quote from Thompson my son was quoting him to me making a similar point. GMTA.

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