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Mark P

I worked in Huntsville for nearly 30 years. I can assure you that there are quite a few engineers and scientists (of one sort or another, but definitely not climatologists) who would probably agree with Brooks. They are (probably) pretty good at what they do, but they have a gigantic blind spot that they fill with republican propaganda. I heard one otherwise intelligent and competent computer engineer tell someone that they could get good information from answers in Genesis. That's the kind of "science" they believe in when it's not in their own fields.


We're so screwed.


I work for an engineering firm and I'll second the motion that being an engineer is not a disqualifier from being a completely credulous theologic nutball on issues outside said engineer's field. Engineers are not "scientists" in the sense that they are rigorously trained in the scientific method and understand the difference between statistically significant data and anecdote.

But I think the real answer is that the Right has consciously chosen to put their ideology first, and the wingnut ideology is like the Baltimore Catechism; you can't have a cafeteria version. If you want your tax cuts (or guns, or prayer-in-schools, or "smallgummint", or whatever your particular policy hobbyhorse is) you have to take all the other stuff, the nutty climate "skepticism" and the faith that there is a "liberal media" and the conviction that "political correctness" is all that prevents everyone from agreeing that negroes are really just stupid.

So there's that...

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