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Stewart Dean

FWIW,the language of the KJ Bible was archaic when it was written/translated....deliberately. At that point, English translation were a new thing, and the translator deliberately used archaisms to give their translation instant gravitas and seeming authenticity.
There's a fascinating book, Wise as the Waters, which tells both the story of the KJ and how the English translations of the time were part of the genesis of Free Speech and thought. After all, it gave the Bible to the English-speaking masses for their own cogitation and interpretation....who no longer had to take on faith what the learned clergy who knew Latin and Greek told them was in it and what it meant. Truly subversive


I live several miles south of you, and know the B&N and Lowes quite well, so I'm guessing that this guy lives somewhere in the boonies to the northwest of N'burgh. Sometimes it's hard to believe we're only about 60 miles away from Times Square!

Net Denizen

The sticker in the middle of the window is "NOTW", which stands for "Not Of This World". It is the evangelical concept of being prepared (on Earth) to enter Heaven, hence "Not of this world". Because we all know Christ is going to be choosing his own followers, and not those already "chosen" from the sons of Abraham, and the sure way into Heaven is to proselytize yourself every damn day apparently.

Ironically, NOTW is usually more likely found on young church-folk's vehicles -- at least, it is intended to appeal to younger parishioners. Might want to ask Chris Hanson to check up on this guy....

David O White

Of course, he has probably never read the King James Bible.


Apparently the KJV was produced in the middle of a scriptural text arms race between the Anglican and Roman Catholic churches, and contains a shit-ton of errors, largely because the KJV was translated from the "Vulgate" Latin translation of the Greek and Aramaic that was the language of the original writings. Apparently the translators made a bunch of literal translations from the Latin that were mistaken -

I used to run into this sort of God-pesterer a fair bit in the service, and not a damn one of them had any idea what they were actually endorsing. They had "learned" everything they needed to know in Sunday school and hadn't bothered to take their religion any further than that.


From what I understand, based on listening to or reading people who study and understand these things, the KJV is a pretty sound, though deliberately archaic, translation of an inferior manuscript. We have a better corpus of manuscripts to work from today, and more contemporary translations don't lead people astray as the KJV sometimes does. (My mother once told me about a friend who was deeply troubled by the passage about children having to "suffer" to come to Jesus. The friend's grasp of morality was much stronger than her grasp of 17th-century English.) I do not pretend to the linguistic and philological competence to have an opinion of my own, and certainly have no basis to set whatever opinion I might have against that of the experts. I am constantly amazed by people who think they have opinions about things they have absolutely no basis to have opinions about.

Stewart Dean

CJColluci: "I am constantly amazed by people who think they have opinions about things they have absolutely no basis to have opinions about." Homo sapiens "thinks" with imperfect knowledge and imperfect reason. Always has, always will. People build their understandings, their myths...and then go out to put others the the swords unless they bow down. Always have, always will. Homo sapiens purely loves being right, purely hates being wrong. How could that be a problem? Most people pick up ideas just so they can beat up others, justifying it as the righteous flogging of those too purblind to see the Light. Join our club and be right!
ninja3000: I grew up in Louisville, KY, left it and its politics and religion as soon as I could (college). When I first came to Kingston in the 70s, I was amazed at how backward it was while being just 100 miles from NYC....even more backward than KY. Blew my mind.
Two years ago, I saw a car with a discrete Trump in an oval sticker and the license plate:IMSVDRU. Jesus wept.

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