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Bill Wolfe

For the better part of 30 years, I handled discipline cases for a large city government department. Not infrequently, an employee's actions in a given case would cause one or more of my co-workers to wonder if the employee had some sort of mental illness. In most cases, I would have to remind them that being an asshole is not a medical condition. I think that advice applies to Trump. It would be less troubling to think he's acting the way he does because he's mentally ill, and therefore not responsible for his awful choices. But, sadly, he's not, and he is.


The other factor is his utter lack of filter. I joke calling him the Tangerine Toddler, but he is in many ways a child, or, at best, an adolescent. Look at his "shithole" moment. That's my 14-year-old son calling his mom's butt big. It amuses him, and it would amuse other 14-year-olds, because they have no real concept of consequence or chain-of-events and don't think ahead to "I'm gona want her to drive me to school, so calling her butt huge is likely to bite me on MY butt down the road..."

And his only real public experience is as a clown in NYC society or on a reality show. He doesn't understand how an adult "plays to the audience", especially an adult with real power. His only point of reference is playing to the audience of the sort of chumps and gomers and bullies who love the idea of being the "boss" and firing people randomly.

The American system has no real mechanism for dealing with someone like that, either. The one thing the Framers didn't anticipate was a clown, so there's no safety straps in the Constitution to prevent the clown from leading the circus right into the fascist center ring.

the blonde

FDChief, you're right on. We didn't anticipate the toddler in chief. Who could?

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