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Theodore Wirth

I cannot recall a rant with this level of class. Thank you for your hard work Lance Mannion.

Fiddlin Bill

Your concluding paragraphs are absolutely spot on. (Have you been reading Driftglass again?) The failure of the press to put itself into the analysis is one of the very worst things America faces. It's part of what can only be described as a fundamental failure of democracy, which can only work successfully when the electorate is reasonably educated and clear sighted. Trump's stupidity and racism should have been enough yield defeat. And then there's the terrible fact that the whole country is set in a framework, the states, that always gives far far too much power to geography. Because Clinton did, indeed, win the popular vote, and by millions. It is truly absurd that the populous states are so horribly underrepresented in the Legislative Branch. Now Trump toys with Nuclear War, and the speculation runs to whether the military have actually taken away the red button.


I'm pretty sure "Shattered" IS as egregious an intellectually dishonest exercise in 20/20 hindsight as it sounds -- because its theses can be disproved by anyone who has spent 10 minutes with widely available polling data.

Cathie from Canada

Great piece. I've had my times of being angry with Hillary because she didn't somehow find a way to win, but actually she did win by 3 million votes. She only fell short by 100,000 votes in what turned out to be three key states.
Oh, never mind -- in some ways, she dodged a bullet which went on to strike the USA in the ass. If she had won, the media would be full of how awful her cabinet picks are even though they looked good on the surface, how despicable it is that Bill has such influence, how Chelsea is whispering in her mother's ear and subverting democracy, how Hillary doesn't really know what she is doing even though she pretends to, how she may be corrupt even though there's nothing that anybody can actually prove, etc. etc. Instead, Trump is setting a new bar for how bad a president can actually be, and his name will live in infamy for this.

Ralph DeMarco

If the GOP was Richard Nixon’s party. Ronald Reagan’s party. Jerry Falwell's party. Anita Bryant’s party. Pat Buchanan’s party. Jesse Helms’ party, etc. -- it begs the question, who represents the Democratic Party? Who are our inspirational leaders? The Democrats used to be the party of FDR, the most popular president in the last 100 years. A man elected four times by the American people to lead our nation. FDR's ideals for a just society have been ignored or given lip service by mainstream Democrats for decades. Who can forget the Reagan Democrat who was often a baby boomer who was tired of caring for the working class, the less fortunate and, instead, wanted that summer home in the Hamptons?
Bill Clinton worked with the Republicans to dismantle the protections that FDR had fought hard to implement, such as Glass-Steagall. He assisted in "reforming" welfare without any regard to providing education to those who wanted desperately to find decent work. I've heard Obama mention Reagan more than once during an address -- never a peep about FDR and how he saved Capitalism, helped create some modicum of dignity for the elderly and disabled and established a blueprint for the future of the Democratic Party. FDR predicted that if the Democrats move away from these ideals, they will lose. And he was right. So, yea, every candidate is flawed. And yea, the mainstream media can never be counted on to tell the truth because all they care about is ratings and revenue. The dismal failings of the Democratic Party all over the country is simply the result of FDR's warnings going unheeded for the sake of temporary power. The Dem's move to the right for the past thirty years or so had left them vulnerable to a populist like Trump. Sander's surprising success was based on the issue that the Democrats abandoned generations ago. So, yea, many loyal Democrats who are not "center-right" decided that we needed a change -- a return to our roots.
I used to ask HRC supporters as they were bashing "Bernie Bros" what positive reason, what should inspire me to vote for Hillary Clinton. All I heard was she's qualified, she's NOT Donald Trump, that Sanders was too radical, that we finally need to end the male dominated presidency. Well, I am very sorry to tell you but "I'm With Her" doesn't tell me anything about what she stands for other than reminding me (for some reason) of her gender. Now the Dems don't want to face the music, they want to blame everything else but their utter lack of vision and dedication to the working class and poor in this country -- including those forgotten rural white voters whose alienation and anger Dems like Hillary Clinton apparently couldn't understand. When I raised this issue all I got was a DOL chart showing how unemployment claims were much lower than they were in 2008. Yea, that really means a lot to those with low wages who can't afford medication or even paying the mortgage or rent on time. If us Democrats don't reevaluate our core principles and what we stand for, we deserve to keep losing. The GOP has been on the warpath against the New Deal and the hard-won regulations that keep our environment and economy safe and Democrats have just been going with the flow, afraid of even being called "liberal".

Lance Mannion

Ted, that's me, classiest ranting old man on the internet. Thank you. Glad you liked the post.

Fiddlin Bill, I think it's just another case of GMTA. You're right about the geographic problem. Sometimes I wish California would divide itself up into 13 Kansas-sized states.

Lex, I'm not going to read it, but I'm pretty sure it's mostly gossip-mongering as well.

Cathie, thanks. And I know what you mean. It's why I sometimes like to think her losing the election was God's way of rewarding her.

Chris the cop

"The new (Washington Post-ABC News) survey finds 46 percent saying they voted for Clinton and 43 percent for Trump, similar to her two-point national vote margin. Asked how they would vote if the election were held today, 43 say they would support Trump and 40 percent say Clinton." (WP 4/23/17) Thoughts?

Lance Mannion

Chris, easy one. Democrats are more honest and realistic and more of them have moved on and are thinking about the future, while Trump voters are still stubbornly refusing to admit they elected an incompetent racist lunatic president.

Lance Mannion

Another explanation is that 6 percent are Bernie voters who are still convinced they were right and Bernie woulda won and are using the poll to say I told you so.

Does the poll say who those who've changed their minds *would* vote for?

Chris the cop

The article (my bad: I should have included a link) did not provide raw data or the possible answers, but the notion that Democrats have 'moved on' is to put it mildly, inaccurate. No, I think a better answer is that a majority of the country thought she was a poor choice in November and even after 3 months of Trump still think she was a poor choice, just not as bad as him.

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