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D. Hyland

Let us know if you get more than a form letter back.


In a horrifically perfect world, Rep. Faso would reply to this:

"What do you and your GOP colleagues expect people with similar medical problems whose health insurance you’re taking away to do?"

With this (in the Gert Frobe voice, mind you...):

"No, Mister Mannion, I expect you to die!"


And I note in passing that for the Congressional GOP the "real" problem with their "healthcare plan" is that it's not vile and punitive ENOUGH:

El Jefe


"There isn't anything you can tell me I don't already know." (The perfect follow-up like for a GOP Congressman as much as it was for Auric Goldfinger.)


Nicely and smartly done. I'm proud of the grace and force of tone you bring to those things. I might also recommend this that I picked up back in my lapsed-historian days, the last lines of a Canadian wheat farmer in foreclosure to his bank during the Depression:

"If I were no more prepared to meet Judgment Day than I am to meet your final demand, I surely would have to go to hell. Trusting you will do likewise."

I suspect that could easily be reworked for the current circumstances. And I would remind him in just what danger Republican Congrescritters in New York state will now find themselves. In 1994, much of what made the "Gingrich Revolution" was historically lean-Democratic (like your guy's historically lean-Republican) districts where a good chunk of the Democratic voters were either despondent over what the incumbent president *did* do like NAFTA (here compare almost anything Trump's done) or over how he wasn't who he said he was on the campaign trail (here you get the "pocketbook Rednecks" who thought he'd bring back jobs and end the heroin plague devouring their young now faced with Mister Ryan's Health [Don't] Care) and stayed home, while the fired-up GOP base and a few leaners who thought a new party in power might reform things voted and the result was a landslide. Ask him what the internals look like on his latest polls. Or what they had to say at any town hall he was brave enough to attend. There are scared middle aged white people out there Representative Faso, and all of a sudden fact no longer makes them your friends. I would wait to see what comes of AHCA -- especially if they have to go back to the drawing board for an even more vicious version -- and a possible special prosecutor, and then spend an afternoon checking to see if the Hudson Institute is hiring at entry level.

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