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My first vote in a presidential primary was for Shirley Chisolm. I will soon be 68 years old and think it is remarkable that in my lifetime I will have supported the first black man, and the first woman for president. Neither has been or is a perfect candidate, but the barriers have to fall. "The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice"

the blonde

I love that quote by Martin Luther King Jr.! All I can say is, it's about time for a woman in the White House. And I'm quite excited by THIS woman in the White House.


You know, Lance, I'm getting a little tired of Democrats telling me -- a lifelong Democrat, thank you -- that being "far left" (something I don't really agree that I am, not for a Democrat), I don't properly understand that a John Kerry or an Al Gore or a Hillary Clinton is an Actual Democrat, not a weirdo leftist like y'all appear to think I am, and that people like me are.

And that's the thing that gets me. I've always seen myself as a mainstream Democrat in the tradition of FDR. FDR was an old-fashioned liberal, wasn't he? He definitely wasn't a radical. The man said so himself, and wisely too, I thought.

I am also more than a little tired of being sneered at by Clinton supporters because I was for Bernie. (Was is the operative word there. If I hadn't voted early in the expat's primary, I probably would've voted for Clinton in Oregon's, because good God has he shown the world his ass near the end. Point stands.) You know what? I don't care about what's more "reasonable." I mean, yes, I understand that compromise is at at the core of politics, that it's how you get things done. But I'm tired of voting for candidates that don't seem to understand that they're making important compromises, compromises that are against core values of the Democratic party. We're not supposed to be the party of the rich and the powerful. We're supposed to be the party that stands up for the little guy! We're certainly not supposed to be the party that looks down on people because they don't like that our candidate seems to care more about the powerful than the powerless.

I do believe I can count on Clinton's goodwill and commitment, to a degree. Her domestic agenda is a thing of beauty. I'm all for her on that front -- I'm violently opposed, ho ho, to her foreign policy agenda and her policy on waging war, because I believe in that area she is deeply immoral. (As I always have to say after that, I feel the same way about President Obama, President Truman, and President Johnson, who I believe are the top three presidents of the postwar era.) And as the son of a passionate feminist -- hell, as the father of a daughter -- I think women's issues are incredibly important; sexism is possibly the most important problem the United States faces, except possibly for race prejudice. It's a tossup, I think.

Look, I admire Hillary Clinton. When November comes, I will vote for her, and I will be very proud of it. But I am very, very weary of being looked down on because for the first time in my nearly forty years, I actually got excited about a presidential candidate who actually seemed to believe the stuff I was brought up to believe in the loud, proud way I was brought up to believe it.


Just as an aside, but my words got tangled in the first sentence of my comment. I mean -- I guess this is obvious, but just in case, I mean that being as I am to my way of thinking as much a Democrat as any other, it chafes when I hear people say that because I think Gore or Kerry or Clinton -- or Clinton, heh -- is too moderate, too conservative, or doesn't seem to fit my idea of what a Democrat ought to be, I am the one who's got his priorities out of whack, and as such, I ought to shut my trap and be happy to vote for the candidate we got, rather than the candidate I want.

One last thing. I desperately want to get excited about Hillary Clinton. Like I said, I admire her a lot; I'm so happy that my mom is all but bouncing up and down in her happiness to vote for a woman for president. I think Clinton's probably had the best on-the-job training (not even getting into what she did while her husband was president) of any candidate for the office in recent history, except possibly for Barack Obama. Okay, I hate her positions on foreign policies and war, but I've mostly resigned myself to the idea that no candidate who believes in nonviolence and a genuinely compassionate foreign policy will ever be chosen as a major party candidate, let alone elected President of the United States.

I want to be excited. I want to overlook the problems I have with her lack of transparency, with the way she doesn't seem to understand why anyone could reasonably have any issues with her ties to Wall Street (you don't seem to either, which I find strange, I have to say), and with -- I admit, this is probably more about me than her -- the way I just can't bring myself to forgive her voting for the Iraq War, believing as I do that only a fool, a dupe, or a monumental cynic looking out for their own political interests could have voted for that war -- and I know perfectly well she's no fool. I want to forget all that and get excited so much.

It's just hard.

Chris the cop

It IS about time for a woman in the White House, just not this one. This one is not ethically fit to be president. Neither is The Donald, of course, but the best I can give Hilary supporters is that she will be slightly less awful.

Lance Mannion

Chris, as I'm sure you know, there are millions and millions of women who not only disagree with you and want "this one" to be the first but who when any man says he's all in a favor a woman president "just not this one" don't believe him for a minute.

Chris the cop

True, but that doesn't make me wrong about her fitness.

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