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I am partly German, and as my mother pointed out to me, it is what makes Tomorrow Belongs To Me so horrifying is that it is a beautiful song - one of Kander and Ebb's prettiest melodies, sung by a lyrical tenor, evoking a scene of wondrous, delicate beauty. And I'm not sure that Trump, really is so far away from convincing otherwise decent people that, so long as you get yours, what happens to others isn't really your problem.

Uncle Merlin

Now you get it ! This is what I've been telling you since October - it's not Trump - it's the fanatical angry people he has stirred up that are the problem, he has a knack for stirring just like -Adolf did in 1932 - these unhappy Americans today are just like the people of Germany in 1932! That is the real problem with the Trump phenomenon.
I recommend a book to everyone - it was just published into English in 2007 - written in Berlin in 1946 " Every Man Dies Alone " by Hans Fallada . This is what the German people faced from 1933-to the end of the War - seen through the eyes of Berliners. It's sobering !


People forget how sentimental the Nazis were and also how they thought they were embarking on a great adventure and building something new and great and beautiful. The movie Nord Wand (North Face) captures some of this. My favorite scene was when the two misfit mountaineers are sitting in restaurant having a beer and a black coated storm trooper enters the room. Tension rises. (We've all seen this before.) "Hey, it's Hans!" It was a boyhood friend of theirs from the village who had joined SS, and like the two mountaineers excited about the new Nazi world.


I think the most irking thing about the Trumpenvolk is that I agree with Uncle Merlin that in their angry insistence that America is broken and only Trump (and they) can "make it great again" they ARE very much like the Late Weimar Germans who voted for the National Socialists.

But the Germans of the Thirties had some real reasons for their anger. They had just come through a punitive peace after the hardship of a world war that (at least in their eyes) they were not to blame for starting, then a nasty little civil war - that has largely been forgotten but that helped cripple the Weimar government and was instrumental in spreading the DolchstoBlegende - the hyperinflation of the Twenties and then the Depression. So the past twenty-odd years had really pretty much sucked.

What the hell do the Trumpenvolk have to bitch about? The economy? Okay, yeah, they're getting hosed there. But the hosing isn't coming from the people they're angry at - the browns and blacks - but the very oligarchs their Dear Leader nestles comfortably among. Their country is the strongest Great Power on Earth. If they had insisted on domestic spending instead of chasing Afridis where they run they could be happily employed rebuilding bridges and highways and streets. Other than their crummy job prospects they're embedded in a sweet little happyland of white is right, where every copper winks at them as they drive by and every realtor sells them a trailer home.

And I think that we're kidding ourselves if we think that Trump's appeal will be limited to the old, the poor, and the stupid. If he is nominated the monkeyhouse that is the GOP will be forced to lock onto him. Then the public "intellectuals" of the GOP will be forced to find ways to make peace and accommodate his bumptious racism and casual violence, much the same as the German elites that despised the Leader found ways to live with him all the way up to the base of the Gleiwitz radio tower...

Cathie from Canada

One of our theatre companies did a stage production of Cabaret last year -- fascinating, as some of the songs and scenes were different from the movie. The Kit Kat Klub was sexier and more corrupt, and they had a great actor doing the Joel Gray role so it became a larger part. But they didn't quite achieve the chill that The Future Belongs to Me scene brings to the movie.


Found this clip this morning. Your article and the comments it generated are positively chilling on November 26, 2016. A chill literally went up my spine. And odd, that not one of your students had seen this Oscar-winning film.

Heather D

Thank you so much for your interpretation of this song. My father directed cabaret when I was very young several times (he did college theatre) and I understood, but didn't understand the symbolism associated with it. It cleared up a lot of things about one of my favorite musicals. I found this when just directly searching for "tomorrow belongs to me meaning" and came across this article. I'm not exactly sure what urged me to come look at it, but I paused the movie "The Death of Stalin" and it made me think of Cabaret. It might be the farcical nature of the movie and the way it connected subconsciously to me. Nonetheless, I look forward to reading more of your reviews and insights for other movies. Thank you again.

Michael Burke

A quick point I was always fascinated by the old man in the glasses and cap who when the people were standing up for the chorus, has a look of resignation on his face and he gives the feeling of *here we go again "thank you.

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