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Philip Ebersole

Interesting post (as usual), but it's Farrah Fawcett, not Faucet

Lance Mannion



Thanks for the catch. I fixed it.

Bob Muir

When ever some one says they were joking after they get called out on something they said I keep flashing to the exchange in the movie Hot Shots

"Ramada Thompson: Lieutenant, please. I'm talking to you as a psychiatrist. I'm recommending that you be grounded.

Topper Harley: You've got to be joking!

Ramada Thompson: Look, if I were joking, I would've said "what do you do with an elephant with three balls?"

[Topper shrugs, since he has no idea what the answer is]

Ramada Thompson: "You walk him and pitch to the rhino".

he was not joking - he was assuming that everybody he was talking to was on the same page about this and he could let his inner puritan come out and start mocking things like Yoga pants.


I think that Bob has a good point; the problem even with fiction is trying to get inside the head of someone who starts from a completely opposite worldview. It's not that you CAN''s that once you're there the view is so freaking goofy (from your own viewpoint) that it's like listening to a play in Polish if you don't speak Polish. You assume that there's some sort of sense there but it's complete gibberish to you.

Whether the guy is or isn't joking about the yogas pants he clearly sees it as natural, normal, and "right" that the Good People of the world (including, obviously, "Doc") know what is Best for everyone else. So all that nudity? Evil, bad, yuck, unclean. To someone who speaks Polish - or perhaps in this case "fundamentalist Christian" - that makes total sense. To someone outside looking in? It seems like some sort of bizarre panty-sniffing Puritanism at best and complete whackadoodle nonsense at worst. Perhaps a truly gifted writer could help you see out of this person's biblical beer-goggles. But it'd have to be a hell of a text.

Oh, and for the record, Fred Clark at Slacktivist did what I thought was a good takedown of this bizarre Christianist obsession with "modesty" ( when it turned up in Oregon in the form of a nice Christian lady who swore off leggings and yoga pants because of the way watching her bottom twitch around inside made her hubby (and, by inference, all those other good Christian guys) all hot, sweaty, and hard to handle. Clarke's point was that:

"...For white American evangelicals, religion is always about sex — about other people’s genitals, but when Jesus spoke about modesty of dress it was never about sex and lust. It was about money and greed and self-indulgence at the expense of those in need. And he tended to focus on men more than on women. Jesus chided “Solomon in all his glory” for worrying about fancy clothes. When he told a story about a man who “dressed in purple and fine linen” you knew that the story wasn’t going to end well for that selfish, immodest character.

If you’re striving for “biblical modesty,” that is the core and the whole of what the Bible itself has to say about leggings and yoga pants: “Whoever has two pair of leggings must share with anyone who has none; and whoever has food must do likewise.”

Lance Mannion

Bob, love that bit from Hot Shots. And, like I said, we know what Freud said about jokes.

fdchief, I don't think the guy's a fundie, if he is he's one of the very few who are pro-choice. He's also in favor of civil unions for same sex couples and says he's "neutral" when it comes to marriage equality, also not common stands among Right Wing Christians. So maybe we don't need to speak "Fundamentalist Christian" to understand him and sympathize.

As for who could do the translating, all the writers I mentioned who I think could have created a character like Moore and made us understand him---Chekhov, Dostoevsky, Dickens, Eliot, and Trollope---were a little beyond "gifted."

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