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A couple thoughts:

1. FINAL FRONTIER is not a good film, but there's a lot more in it that's good than is commonly believed, and more than that, it was ambitious. It really tried to be and say something that the previous films had not, so I am kinder with my judgment of it than most. I consider it a "noble failure" of sorts.

2. THE MOTION PICTURE is absolutely a STAR TREK movie. In fact, from a certain point of view, it's one of the few real STAR TREK movies. It's certainly the most faithful to Gene Roddenberry's notion of the future.

3. The movies had to be successful because of the TV show...AND on their own terms. It was an odd time for TREK, in the 1980s, when the movies were the only game in town and each one only got greenlit on the basis of the financial success of the one before it. But the movies kept TREK visible and relevant; I seriously doubt that TNG would ever have happened if there hadn't been a franchise of four successful films leading into it.

4. I'm also softer on JJ Abrams than you are, but not by much -- not the films, anyway. I actually don't mind Abrams's direction; there's totally room in TREK for slam-bang adventure stories, and I love the cast he's assembled. His writers, though, really irritate the hell out of me and I'm glad they're not on the next one. We'll see.


I was so angry after Into Darkness that I'm not sure I'm ever going near a JJ Abrams movie again.

Bob Westal

I enjoyed both of Abrams' Trek films, but I'm not going to argue he's god's gift to anything (except maybe "Mission: Impossible.") Still, in the link you gave to show his not-so-secrete Trek hate, he actually goes out of his way to say he loves Star, he just wasn't, he says, a big fan before he got his gig.

I admit two things, however. It's a little bit strange to take the job under those circumstances, and it's not like you take some kind of oath of truthfulness when you become a Hollywood powerhouse. Still, I think his secret hatred remains unproven...but then you're obviously a much Trek fan/expert than myself. (I kind of love it, but kind of I love a lot of things.)

Oh, and thanks for posting that commercial with Quinto. Great stuff.

Gary Farber

"The main thing is that all the movies starring the original cast are good movies. As good or better than any of the best sci-fi movies of their time."

I take it you've never seen STAR TREK I, STAR TREK III, and STAR TREK V.

Particularly V.

Lance Mannion

Bob, I don't really think Abrams' hates Star Trek and is plotting to ruin it. I was trying to be funny. Hyperbole for comic effect and all that. Didn't work. I do think, though, that he doesn't *get* it. I liked his first Star Trek a lot and actually kind of enjoyed Into Darkness *while* I was watching it, although mainly on account of Cumberbatch, Pine, and Pegg. But I don't like what he did to Khan, Marcus, and Uhura, and what he did with Wrath of Khan.

Lance Mannion

Gary, well, I'm in agreement with you on Final Frontier. As I say in that graph, it's the one exception. And I actually dislike Star Trek: The Motion Picture, which is why I'd rather not count it as one of the Star Trek movies. But I've let myself be persuaded by fans that I'm letting my biases over-rule my critical judgment and it's a good movie on its own terms. As for The Search for Spock, I've grown increasingly fond of it over the years. It's a good bridge between II and IV and it has its charms. Christopher Lloyd for one.

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