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S McCoy

Lance, it seems to me to be impossible to really argue that there were any over-arching themes. So many cross currents allow one to put almost any spin they want on the results. Yes, red senators mostly won in red states, but what about the many red governors who won in blue states? Looking forward to that post. And then there's the oddity of red governors losing in states that were nonetheless won by red senators. I have no idea how Franken won so easily, or Roberts for that matter. The only conclusion I think we should draw is that we shouldn't read too much into the midterm results. Unlike some of your other readers, I'm excited about the next 2 years, as I think we'll see a brighter than ever distinction between the parties, which will make the 2016 election fascinating. It's good and healthy for control to change occasionally, especially if it paves the way for more clarity later on. Finally, I agree with whoever it was that posted the comment about being sick of Pres O....I'm astonished at how prickly and unlike-able he's become....maybe our disappointment is just due to how high the expectations were 6 years ago? I hope he finds a way to reconnect with the country and eventually becomes a better statesman than he's been a president. Rambling post over.

Lance Mannion

S McCoy, that post is already in the works, but...

I wouldn't have voted for Martha Coakley.

But Ed Markey was re-elected Senator and in Illinois Dick Durbin was too.

In Colorado, Hickenlooper was re-elected governor, by 11k more votes than Gardner was elected Senator.

Maryland I don't really understand, but, my post is actually going to be a lead in to an article that tries to explain it.

You can ask me what Michigan and Wisconsin are doing with Republican governors, and I'll ask back what are West Virginia and Kentucky doing with Democratic ones?

Until Tuesday, we could ask what was Pennsylvania doing with a Republican governor and Arkansas with a Democratic one?

What it adds up to is I agree with you, no over over-arching themes and not much should be read into the results.

As for the President's becoming more unlikable: to whom? I like him better than I did during his first term. Chuck Todd of NBC doesn't like him. But I don't know anybody who likes Chuck Todd.

Eye of the beholder, and all that.

By the way, that was my friend Chris the Cop whose arguing with me about people becoming sick of the President in the comments on the previous post.

You know what he has grown? Tired and older, a lot older.

S McCoy

I don't know Chris, so I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and assume you mean O is the one growing tired and old?!?

And forget Chuck Todd...even Chris "thrill up my leg" Matthews is down on the president. Surely you're somewhat disappointed in how this administration has turned out so far? And how that must have impacted the election at least to some degree?

But my main point is still that the midterm electorate is a whole different world, and HC is still the favorite in '16. The thing I'm most interested in is how the new congress and the president interact these next 2 years. Will Obama emphasize his party, his legacy, or his country. Wouldn't it be something if he found a way to do all 3?

Lance Mannion

S McCoy, :) Yes, I meant Obama. Chris seems to be holding up pretty well.

FTR, I'm not a big fan of Matthews either. He's too much of a sentimentalist and he blows hot and cold. Too hot and too cold.

And of course I'm disappointed. I wouldn't be a good liberal if I wasn't permanently disappointed. But if you're asking if I'm disappointed that the Republican controlled House hasn't done anything but vote to repeal the ACA, name post offices, shut down the government, cut the budgets of vital services like the CDC, and find meaner ways to screw the poor and unfortunate and that Republican senators have been filibustering everything that crosses their desks including birthday cards from their kids, then you bet I'm disappointed.

And I think Obama has been doing all three all along. I just wish he'd been a bit better at emphasizing his party.

S McCoy

Yes the Republicans in congress gummed things up. But you wrote a post a few weeks back where you ascribed at least partial blame to the president for his sour relationship with the press corp. Don't you also think it's part of his job to find a way to win over his foes in the least a little bit?

Personally, I blame a lot of that on Harry Reid, who I can't stand. I think the Dems need to pick a new senate leader NOW and I think that'll help with a few purple senate races in '14 as well. Am I wrong about that?

S McCoy

Sorry....senate races in '16.


S McCoy; when the only position your opposition will accept is your unconditional surrender and they don't particularly care if they tank everything else in sight in order to accomplish that, how do you negotiate and win over said opposition?

I think you are being wildly optimistic in thinking that the Republicans were budgeable.

Chris the cop.

For the record and out of nowhere, I think Chris Matthews is the worst interviewer I've ever seen. He makes Bill O'Reilly look like Edward R. Murrow. And also for the record, I don't feel that tired today. I'm roughly Lance's age. Great turkey dinner, Lance. Thanks much for everything.

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