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So in fact it's "Margaret that she mourns for". Snickering at the thought of Joni Ernst colliding with Gerard Manley Hopkins....


Are there no Iowans who could hit her with a cluestick?


Nailed it as usual, Lance.

This is an area where you really have the number of the modern conservative movement, as you seem to every time you turn your mind to this subject. We're in the midst of a nationwide nostalgia-fit at the moment here in Australia too, where a former prime minister's (John Howard, who George W. Bush once called his "favorite Aussie," pronouncing 'Aussie' Ah-See, American-style, instead of Ozzie, the Australian way) book about... in brief, I guess, the Australian Reagan -- Robert Menzies, the longest-serving prime minister in the country's history, who ruled almost uncontested throughout the 1950s and early '60s (he was PM in the '40s for about five minutes before that, until his own party deposed him) is a runaway bestseller that describes the Menzies era as Australia's golden age.

Which is immensely frustrating to me, because Menzies was an ultraconservative liar -- the Aussie journalist and political writer Mungo MacCallum (isn't that a wonderful name?) has pointed out that the man even lied when choosing a name for the political party he helped found, naming them "the Liberal Party" when, in fact, they've been extremely conservative from the word go -- who combined all the worst features of Joe McCarthy and Ronald Reagan, and it's just as infuriating for me to watch my adopted country go through this mass longing for an imaginary past as it is seeing it happen in the U.S.

All this nonsense is especially strongly-felt in my adopted home state of Queensland, which has always been more conservative than any of the other Australian states. This, combined with the snotty oh-those-thieving-politicians-are-all-the-same attitude most Aussies seem to have about politics in general (it's the same sort of "No, they are NOT all the same, you blind fools!" reaction that leaves me frothing when I look at some Americans' attitudes about same) has left me feeling very angry and depressed of late, especially when thinking about how things are shaping up after the U.S. midterms.

On the up side, though, the conservative fools in charge of this state (who are actually kind of unpopular at the moment, even while everyone gasses on about how wonderful conservationism and the old days are; it's weird) have to call an election no later than June of next year. Would that we could try and get rid of that embarrassment Prime Minister Tony Abbott that fast -- he doesn't have to call an election any sooner than January 2017, and you can bet he'll take all the in power time he can get.

Oh, well. Here as well as in the U.S., we lefty types have to take the crumbs where we can find them.

Theophrastus Bombastus von Hoehenheim den Sidste

This all to me is quite amusing in its way, for when I was in elementary school in Fort Madison in the sixties I found the place a state of godless, selfish, callous, and uncharitable assholes who bullied the weak without mercy, didn’t care about anybody but themselves, were indifferent to the suffering of others, neglected their own families, and couldn’t be bothered to give to food pantries or contribute to clothing drives.

Five decades pass with the place as unchanged as the inside of the geodes you can dig from the bluffs along the Mississippi.

Fiddlin Bill

I'm inclined to think it's mostly cynical manipulation, not genuine misplaced nostalgia. As far as history, people used to just die--from appendicitis, from an infected tooth, from an early bad heart developed by tobacco and too much lard. The pies were still better, and a cigar after a big meal was a delight. Limbaugh put his money where his mouth is early on, and ate lots of hamburgers for political reasons. I'll be he's stopped now. Ms Ernst should look at a fine book of photographs called "Minnesota Death Trip." That's life without a safety net. Ms Ernst would be too busy raising 14 children to get into right wing politics back in the day. And they wouldn't have let her vote either.

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