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Richard Testa

I enjoyed the story, well written. Born and raised in the city from 1955 - 1973, and couldn't agree with you more. I have a couple of old pictures of Kelly's and the beach but couldn't seem to find a way to post them. Thank you.

Kevin Wolf

Passed by the beach by car numerous but never been on Revere Beach. I'm not a beach person but I suppose I should take it in.


Revere was my family's stop between East Boston and a greener suburb northwest. Left when I was 2 and have no memories of the place. Growing up, Dad took the kids back to Eastie but never Revere. The images ingrained in me of the Beach are your memories. Other than a handful of drive-by's, my closest experience with the Beach are from "Next Stop, Wonderland."

If you're impressed with the transformation of the Beach, check out the Harbor Islands next time you're in town.

Gotta know . . . What's Oliver's new favorite theater?


An excellent essay, with a skewer for the baboons in just the right place.

Is this the first published picture of The Blonde on this here blog?

S McCoy

Lance, there's a big difference between a climate change denialist and a person of faith who believes God is bigger than global warming. You really should start hanging around some Christians who represent God a little btter!! As one of my favorite theologians said, the biggest cause of atheism today is Christians who proclaim God with their mouths but deny him with their lives.

Lance Mannion

Link, I think there've been others over the course of ten years. Not many though.

BetterYeti, Showcase in Woburn. "Fully Reclining Reserved Luxury Seats"!

Harbor Islands are now on the itinerary for the next trip!

Richard, if you send me the photos, I'll be glad to post them here as an update.

Lance Mannion

S McCoy, you're making the same objection you always make: you and your friends are not like the conservatives/Republicans/Right Wing Christians I'm railing against, therefore I'm wrong about conservatives/Republicans/Right Wing Christians. Well, I know not all conservatives/Republicans/Right Wing Christians are like the conservatives/Republicans/Right Wing Christians I'm railing against. But that doesn't matter. Enough are and they VOTE and they don't vote for things like cleaning up Revere Beach.

As for hanging out with more Christians, does my family count? My very large extended family? How about my many Christian friends? How about my neighbors? How about the members of our parish?

You may not have read enough of my blog posts to know, I wasn't just raised Catholic. I was a good Catholic for most of my life, until 2002, in fact. That's when the Church threw my kid to the wolves. But that turned me against the Church. Not against Christianity or Christians.

So I have an inkling of what it means to be Christian and I know there are all sorts and conditions of Christians.

Lance Mannion

Oh, and S McCoy? I thought part of my point was that God is bigger than global warming, so much bigger he doesn't have time to worry about it, which is why he's left it up to us to take care of it. We made the mess. It's our job to clean it up. He's got other things to do.

By the way, have you heard of this guy Paul Ryan? Maybe not. He's nobody important It's not like he's a U.S. Congressman who could have been Vice-President and plans to run for President on his own someday, or has a new book out that's on its way to becoming a best seller. But I hear he fancies himself a Christian and he's a climate change denialist who thinks there's nothing that can be done about it even if it's happening.

S McCoy

Well Lance, you pretty regularly - at least lately - make sweeping accusations about what Christians believe or how they feel, and I assume you're not talking about your Christian friends, neighbors or family members. So I wonder where you collect these intimate observations? The Christians I hang out with are probably a lot more Protestant and a lot more Republican than you're used to, and my point is that they're a lot less scary than the political and cultural enemies you imagine them to be. I hate to hear you say you've given up on God, especially when that seems to be based on a caricature that doesn't actually exist much in the real world.


Hah, the Showcase Woburn! My go-to multiplex since I was a kid! State of the art in 1975. Was originally 4 massive screens. Over time pretty shabbily subdivided without bothering to adjust the seating -- depending on the theater and seat, you needed to twist your head to look at the center of the screen. (I recall you worked at the Sack chain in town, so you are probably familiar with the practice.) Major gut job maybe 15 years or so ago which finally got the auditoriums right, but very tired until a major reno about 6 mos ago. Couldn't contain my delight first encountering the new seats seeing CA:TWS. Quite literally the first time I ever texted my wife a selfie in all my reclining goodness.


Lance, I don't see anywhere in this post or your comments that you've given up on God, do you? I see that you've given up on the Holy Roman Church, which is not the same thing as God. Its protestations that it is His designated advocate don't make it so.

Shorter S McCoy: #notAllChristians.
You’ve got money changers taking over your temple, WTF do you plan to do about it? In trademark terms, they’re abusing your brand, do you plan to defend it (against them, not against the people now confused by the polluted brand) or are you just going to whine that you’re misunderstood?

S McCoy

Sorry Dr2chase, I'm not really sure I understand your question. I'm not interested in trying to defend the sub-set of "Christians" who give Christianity a bad rap. There's no denying that these bad actors exist....and I regularly and gladly call them out for the harm they do. In the gospels, Jesus spends most of his time rebuking the self-righteous, legalistic religious leaders, which I think is a fair parallel. My comments to Lance, which I try to make in a compassionate and non-judgmental way, are simply to ask him and his readers not to allow this small (but loud) minority to create a warped view of Christians in general. And I especially have appealed to him not to allow these few bad actors to bother him so much that he permanently walks away from the faith he grew up with. Every big family has a few crazy uncles - like the chaplain in Florida Lance wrote about today - who do more to repulse outsiders than attract them.

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