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Gary Farber

Don't be surprised when Steve Rogers either dies or otherwise is taken out of the picture and Bucky Barnes takes over the job of being Captain America after Captain America 3 and Chris Evans' contract runs out.

I'm not saying that's a lock. But remember not to be surprised. It's what happened in the comics. (Oh, yes, eventually Steve walks off being dead, and eventually takes back the job, but it did take a couple of years, and then things got even more complicated.)


You seem to have picked up on the big DC / Marvel difference. Since so many of both publisher's heroes were created by Jews, it isn't surprising to see each choosing a different style of Jewish hero. DC goes for the supernatural hero, someone like Moses (Superman) or the Golem (Batman). Marvel goes for the ordinary, and often quite flawed man, in extraordinary circumstances like King David, Ester, Judith, Samson or Judah Macabee.

Lance Mannion

Gary, I wouldn't mind that at all. I'd like to see Cap get his good death back. I thought the way it was handled in Civil War was just right. He died the tragic hero he'd always been, a man out of step with the time, but in the end still getting one over on Tony Stark, who is perfectly in step with the times. And if they can keep Sebastian Stan as Bucky, so much the better.

"Oh, yes, eventually Steve walks off being dead..." Love that. Walks off being dead!


I like that Biblical dichotomy. Mind if I use it in my class?


Thanks, Lance, you didn't disappoint. I'm with you all around.

A few random thoughts of my own:

- At least the collateral damage of the obligatory mega-cgi-apolooza climax seemed relatively limited.

- Marvel has an insurmountable lead over DC in casting and performances. Downey, Evans, Hemsworth, Jackson and Johansson for Marvel. Ledger for DC and that was lightning in a bottle. Extra points off from DC for wasting our beloved Amy Adams as a poor match for Lois Lane.

- On performances, I feel Evans has been underrated by critics. He is penalized for being so darn pretty, yet is carrying off the most difficult role of the bunch.

- Easily some of the best action choreography and direction in the genre (though I'll second your recent plug for The Wolverine on this score). What does it say that Mr. 300, Zach Snyder, is topped by a pair of first timers mostly known for work on single camera comedies?

I'm devoted to serious film, but gimme some Marvel for father and son bonding. Next up: Guardians. (Will Chris Pratt turn out to be another stroke of casting genius for Marvel?)

Lance Mannion


Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed the review. That's a damning observation on your part about the Russos vs Snyder and I agree.

I'm looking forward to GOTG because I have absolutely no expectations. I don't know those books at all. It'll all be new to be. I'm hoping it'll be like seeing Hellboy for the first time.

I'm never going to get over what Snyder and Goyer did to Amy and Lois.


Feel free to use that analysis as you wish. I'm not the first to have come up with. My much more literate girl friend is a big Marvel fan. But what do you expect from a people who every year sing about "In every age, a hero or sage, comes to our aid" and as children have to put up with ruminations on the nature of evil (Pharaoh versus Laban) while consuming their four child sized tots of alcohol.

I've also heard comparisons of Marvel to the Old Testament and DC to the New Testament. The OT covers a lot of ground, and even a cursory familiarity gives you a whole stock of X-Men mutants complete with back stories. The whole book even starts off with one of the great "retcons" with its two accounts of the creation. Compare that with the NT with its sole superhero and his limited legion. There's even a Lex Luthor character at the Last Supper. Personally, I prefer the former analysis, but I used to hang in circles that would analyze comics in terms of Greek drama.


Thanks for the review. I've been waiting eagerly for your take on this movie, since your previous writings on the Marvel movies were what allowed me to finally "get" them. Now I'm a fan, and Cap is my favorite of their heroes, so this is at the top of my list of movies I want to see on the big screen. (Well, this and the re-issue of "A Hard Day's Night," which involves a somewhat different take on the superhero genre.)

Lance Mannion

wwolfe: " this is at the top of my list of movies I want to see on the big screen. (Well, this and the re-issue of "A Hard Day's Night," which involves a somewhat different take on the superhero genre.)"


Thanks, wwolfe, that's good to know. I'm not sure how much good I've done with this blog, but I am proud of having helped people find their way to and enjoy some things they might not have without me, like Discworld and now the Marvel movies. Let us know what you think of Winter Soldier and AHDN.


Just so you know, your writing on politics in general, and the right wing of American politics in particular, has done a tremendous amount of good for my ability to understand our country's current less-than-happy state of affairs. Much appreciation for that from me.

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