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So what did you think about the ending? Didn't you find it a little too pat? Too easy? Also, how did Holmes get a gun inside Magnusson's compound?

velvet goldmine

I never thought your perception would differ, but only deepen -- if it followed the trajectory Moffat and Gatiss wanted it to. For one thing, you'd be too stubborn to let it alter after setting it in writing. But more importantly, everything Sherlock saw in her the first time was essentially true. I think even he would admit, however, that a few of the details he missed would become noteworthy. As for me, I'm less interested in whether there's a Moriarty loyalist or relative running amuck than I am in the hint of a Holmes sibling.

Lance Mannion

KathyF, which ending? The one at Appledore or the one at the airstrip? Neither one bothered me. The one at Appledore was fundamentally true to Conan Doyle. The one at the airstrip I think was what it was because they didn't know if there was going to be a Season 4 so they came up with something that was both a goodbye and a cliffhanger that could be left unresolved. Plus it allowed them to work in the "blunt instrument"quote.

As for the gun, I'll have to go back and check, but aren't they there at Magnusson's invitation. He thinks they're there to make a deal. So there's no search. And isn't it Watson's gun? Magnusson doesn't think Watson's worth his notice.


Gah, it's completely unbelievable to me, plus it smacks of deus ex machina. So convenient, too convenient. I fully expected Sherlock to think of some clever way to get out of that and instead he resorts to a crime any idiot could commit. It seems like lazy writing to me. I think a lot of people were bothered by that, even people who enjoyed the rest of the episode. Just too pat.

Lance Mannion

KathyF, Not any idiot. Anybody who falls into Magnusson's clutches. Have you read the story? The point there is the same as the point in Sherlock. Magnusson leaves his victims with no choice but to remain his victims or do something desperate. The only clever thing any of them can do to get out of it is to not have done whatever it is he's blackmailing them over. That's how it is in Sherlock and it's not Holmes' solution that matters---he had a clever plan in the works, but he was missing a key piece of information---it's why he resorts to it.

Fran in NYC

Lance, I like your reading of this episode and all of this season very much.

I have NOT missed Moriarty at all! I can accept that, in moments of extreme stress, he can figure in Sherlock's thoughts but that should be the extent of his presence at this point. He blew his own head off and that's the end of it! You don't come back from that! I trust Moffat & Gatiss to have a very good explanation for "Miss me?".

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