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Agreed. I am readying for both a shutdown and having to answer phones for confused and upset people with the start-up of open enrollment for the Affordable Care Act. I'm thinking a bag of chocolate and a bottomless pot of coffee will be required.


And patience, JD, and patience.

El Jefe

A commenter at Pierce's place reminded me of this anecdote, which has some anecdotal confirmation: during the '96 primaries, the ageing (and at that point, possibly dying already) Barry Goldwater attended a campaign event for his old colleague Bob Dole. The original zealot of the New Right looked around at the crowd and various younger politicians attending, then turned to his scowl-faced Taftite colleague (the guy who used to rant about "Democrat wars") and said, "my God, we're the liberals now." Yep, Barry. This is what you and your fellow travelers unleashed. Put the Grand Old Party in the hands of its most extreme traditional elements (oligarchs and Know-Nothings) and opened the gates wide to the worst of the Dixiecrats. Yay ....

El Jefe

Two more very quick thoughts about all this, and the roots of all this, and the continuing nature of all this:

There's a name for moving heaven and earth to strike down the authority of federal laws that you just plain don't like because THEM.

It's "nullification."

There's a word for completely and deliberately ridding yourself of the power of the federal government in your daily life.

It's "secession."

El Jefe

One more thought on the historical progress of all this, in line with things Lance has said more than once.

A party that tried to contain Jake Javits and Barry Goldwater at the same time would have to do so with great strain, complexity, and some dances of compromise. Much like the old-line Democrats who contained both Hubert Humphrey and James Eastland.

A party that tried to contain Mark Hatfield and Jesse Helms at the same time was not long for this world, at least in that form. And we know which side of that party won.

the blonde

Yay El Jefe - it's no coincidence that these tactics are aimed at our first black president.

El Jefe

Mrs. Blonde,

Thank you kindly. There's been a "nullification streak" in several major threads of American culture since long before there even was a Constitution to nullify, but yes, there's a big ol' fat one in my native region. As to whether the fact this particular President is, well, you know poured kerosene on those inflamed opinions, you can safely bet all the bippies.


Could you possibly encourage the proprietor that he should yet bright young Oliver off the leash to live-blog Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.? Because that would do my mid-life crisis a power of good....

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