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I hated this movie enough that I don't think I want to see another JJ Abrams movie. I don't want Karl Urban to play DeForest Kelly playing Bones, I want Karl Urban to play his Bones. I definitely want more Sulu. And maybe if Pine had some of Harrison Ford's charisma, he could have pulled off playing Han Solo as James Kirk, but he doesn't do it for me.

I could watch Benedict Cumberbatch saying "Shall we begin?" all day, though.

Jason Lefkowitz

Who mourns for a plot device?

(A prize to the first reader who identifies the episode referenced above, which is not the episode that introduces You Know Who.)

Who Mourns for Adonais?, original series, season 2.

(God I'm a nerd)

Kevin Wolf

After thinking about this movie for a week or so, I nearly tweeted, "JJ Abrams is ruining Star Trek." I didn't, perhaps because I'm not 100% convinced that is true—but I very nearly did.

Like you I sat through the film with no problem (although the opening set piece seemed stupid to me), and it was only afterwards that I began to realize how much of the movie I disliked. I'm still pulling thoughts together but I agree with you about the underused supporting cast, and the pointless inclusion of Cumberbatch's character, as written/revealed.

I do dislike the take on Kirk (even as I warmed up more to Pine, easily the weakest in a strong cast). Need he be so very much a jerk? And I absolutely despise the Spock-Uhura romance. Bad idea. Baaaad idea. The predictability of a lot of the movie was deadening. I could go on.

I happen to think George Lucas is a hack who had one goldmine idea, so it comes as no surprise to me that a Lucas fanboy would do to Trek what he's doing. And it's a shame.

Ken Houghton

It's difficult to "ruin" a franchise that produced Generations, Nemesis, and whatever that other thing was as its last three entries.

Otherwise, Kevin Wolf's last line wins the day.

(Side wisecrack: in 1968, Kirk was forced to kiss Uhuru as television's first interracial on-screen kiss. In 2013, Zachary Quinto and Zoe Saldana give us the first interspecies, interracial hetero kiss between two Out actors. This might be progress.)


Cumberbatch is a stellar actor, but I think he's wasted on Trek movies. "Parade's End"--now there was an appropriate Cumberbatch vehicle.

the blonde

I think Benedict Cumberbatch is the dark, beating heart of "Into Darkness." What a great villain!

Dan Coyle

You know, this is another piece I've read where the author states that yes, swear to god, he liked this movie, then spends the rest of the essay ripping out fundamental aspects of the story, that seem to indicate no, that it wasn't good. The script sounds seriously broken and stupid.

Not to single you out lance, but to paraphrase Conan O'Brien, what does J.J. have on you guys? What is it about J.J.?

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