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Good catch, Lance. I'm an inveterate Republican-watcher, and I hadn't picked up on that. Great juxtaposition with the Gregorian quote. Keep on writing.


I had the honor of meeting Vartan Gregorian the year I spent in Ann Arbor as a Knight-Wallace Fellow. (His son, Vahe, was my fellow Fellow.) Believe me when I say I don't think I've ever met a more naturally charming soul in my life. This is what he said to me: "You asked such wonderful questions during the seminar! Why aren't you working for the New York Times?" Love. Him.


Reading this, I'm reminded of the lyrics to the song by Stan Ridgeway, written at the height of Reaganism: "The ones that have/
Tell the ones that don't/To tell the ones that can't/About the ones who won't/Pick it up and put it in your pocket/Before somebody else does." That's Romneyism (and Ryanism) in a nutshell.


The irony of the Republican ideology cannot be lost on anyone with even a passing acquaintance with American History or, for that matter, a genealogist (amateur or otherwise). I spent the better part of 2011 tracing my family roots, and I discovered that the majority came from Germany or France in the 1700s to escape religious persecution; notably from the Catholic Church!

This voyage, especially in 1700s, was no luxury cruise. Many immigrants did not survive. Then, once they got here had to survive hardship, disease, Indians, and various wars (Revolutionary, War of 1812). Some of them bought up a lot of land, cheap, but mainly built things! They cultivated the land, built churches and schools, cemeteries, farms. They worked on oil rigs, orchards, steel mills; they raised a bunch of kids and reported their family to every census taker from 1790 on.

If they acquired wealth, it was through hard, hard labor and luck and the good genes to survive. This fantasy of "take our country back" begs the question: back from whom? Or back to what?

Molly, NYC

. . . Democratic Party, the party of Welfare-dependent layabouts, slackers, moochers, and takers.

This may be a bit tangential (for which, my apologies), but you know how the GOP rank-and-file keeps insisting that Democrats are all, as you say, slackers and welfare recipients?

It's a dog-whistle. To the racist wing of the GOP (arguably the GOP's most populous constituency). Basically, it's: "The Dems elected a bla--and we have a stereotype for that."

This may have been long obvious to everyone else (I suspect that many Democrats of color perceived it immediately). I, however, spent months wondering why GOP trash-talk so specifically focused on my party's work ethic, of all things.

Anyway, over the last 4 years of acting like the townspeople in Blazing Saddles (all the while complaining about how divisive President Obama is), for the worse of them, the objects of their racism appear to have been small-d-democratized to the entire Democratic party. Considering the source, this is arguably an honor.

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