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Continuing with the theme of "yesterday's gone" or trying to recycle failed history, Romney's foreign policy advisors are all maniac neocons from PNAC and the engineers of the disasterous decade. They have probably assured Romney that they will handle the FP issues, and he can just be CEO. And don't forget Norquist's frank admission that all the R's want is a sentient set of hands, or something to that effect.

I don't think even most of the least informed people in the electorate have forgotten Dubya, the response to 9/11, or Dick Cheney and his cronies. Romney shows a shocking lack of imagination.

J. Dvorak

My brother and I were discussing Romney last night, and we agreed that one of the scariest parts of his make-up is his seeming cruelty. I don't think human fraility registers with him, or if it does, it's not taken into account.

El Jefe

L'shana tovah! It's Mittmas!!

Like Pierce, I think Mittens did not so much jump as was pushed, but there is still joy to unconfine. Early days: I think though that this could turn into the most pass-the-popcorn-entertaining Republican meltdown since the Saturday Night Massacre. That's a long wait for us Xers. If Romney possessed an eyelash of absence in his learned sociopathy, he would have soiled his magic underwear by now. As it is I suspect his media manager has drawn a warm bath, put on some Chopin (I vote for Piano Concerto No. 2), and opened a vein.

This is why you do not run actual plutocrats for President, guys. Because they don't even think they should worry about treating every iPhone as if it was loaded. You run aggrieved, Lomanesque frontmen like Nixon and Reagan; you run actual trained aristocrats like G.H.W. Bush (and pray you get to run against Dukakis); or you run plutocrats who can fake it and have learned the right drawl, like Dubya, and even then they need help. To call up Lance's reference to Mike the Mad Biologist's post, there are two sides of the "epistemic closure" coin here. One is the belief, already being nurtured I'm sure, that this does not mean the GOP would lose or could lose on the merits, rather that McCain was an old duffer who picked Palin, Romney was bad at lying and creeped people out, and so on. The other side of the coin, and perhaps this motivated the leaker as much as deeply reasoned hatred of Mittens' poor effort at imitating humanity, is making sure that the Republicans are never seen to lose on the merits, so there is always an excuse to prop up the belief system. The fact that it opens the bidding on 2016 is just the cream cheese frosting.

The short version is: Lance Called It, Mitt Said It, I Believe It.

El Jefe

Also: does this mean we now get to spend every Sept. 17th singing Mittmas carols in front of a self-immolating effigy of Romney the Younger? Because I would be up for that.

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