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Ken Houghton

"and anyway it's more like an episode of ST:TNG."

And they're putting that forward as a Good thing?

So everyone talks a lot, nothing ever happens, and the most interesting character isn't the Shakespearean actor but rather the guy even James Lapine cast as The Boring One?


I believe the quote from Jane Eyre, chapter 38, is "Reader, I married him."


Can we have a little sexist ignorance with that sandwich? The movie isn't very good, though it's beautifully cast, but the books are more interesting than any of the boy superhero series you've been pondering lately. The premise isn't particularly interesting until you catch something on TV (say, Fox News or any reality show) that is disturbingly close to what this dystopian girls' antiwar survival series is positing as The New Reality. I'd put the books up there with "The Handmaiden's Tale" as Cassandra-like visionary fiction that's uncomfortably close.

Chris the cop

In an effort to keep up with my older daughter and to see what the fuss was about, I read 'Hunger Games' and took her--she'd read all 3--to the movie. I found the book better than I expected and liked the present-tense writing style Collins used. The violence and Katniss's constant anxiety I thought pretty intense for a pre-teen/young teen's book, and I thought the (movie) violence might be too graphic for a 12-year old. But I thought the movie was very good and conveyed very well the lead's terror.

I didn't see any parallels with Star Trek or ST: TNG at all. And Stanley Tucci steals the show.


i am intrigued by your high school reading list / although i had an excellent public school education in the 40's (grad 1951), loved and respected my teachers, the only book i can recall being assigned was Silas Marner ! maybe something else will come back to me / there was, oc, Forever Amber / smille / on my own i read everything the public library had to offer


I saw the movie first and enjoyed it. I then read the book and was surprised by how intense it was. Very good, but intense. I could write here something longer, or I could just link to my own review -->


I turned it off after an hour. I just lost interest. I didn't care about any characters, the movie did not explain (at least not soon enough) why the society was divided thus; presumably the book is much better. I think the movie failed to make me curious or invested. And, generally, I am pretty easy to amuse. I found the whole thing just weird and pointless.


After a little more thought I know why I turned this off (having not read the book, which probably represents the vast majority of the movie audience) - it was right after they mention that it was the 75th annual Hunger Games, and I thought, WHAT? You mean this miserable farce has been going on that long? The population of the Districts, having once had enough spirit to rebel, is now subjecting themselves to poverty, squalor and serving up their kids every year to a slaughter? While the other half of their world lives in modern affluence? Surely you jest. I couldn't possibly care less if you think I can even accept that premise in the first place.


Yeah, in a world that has seen the Holocaust, the genocide in Rwanda, 45,000 deaths a year due to lack of health insurance, rising income inequality for nearly 40 years amidst falling living standards, 800 years of Roman-era gladiatorial games and the Brazilian favelas, something like the Hunger Games sure does seem implausible.

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