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Tell me about it. When I consider my calendar age, I have to assume that someone made a serious mistake and I was really born 10 - no, make that 20 - no, 30 - years later than my birth certificate shows. Unfortunately, my body says the birth certificate is correct.


Nice post on the Stone's 50th anniversary!
"What a drag it is getting old..."

El Jefe

What you said. Also, on the point of well-groomed hypochondria, as Oscar Levant wanted his tombstone to read:

"I told them there was something wrong."

Also, want to feel old together? I've been waiting for an apt moment to ask if that's a young Mitch Miller just down and to the right of the masthead there ;)


I have suffered from back pain on and off since having a disc removed in 1976. It took me a while to figure out that the wrong kinds of exercise (twisting, lifting that compresses the spine, etc.) made it much worse.

Recently, I had a problem with hideous hip pain that kept me from laying down comfortably. No over the counter medication helped at all. Since I do not have health insurance, I can only afford a single doctor. When I mentioned the pain (several times), she said that I have arthritis.

With no possible resource for help, I was on my own to relieve the pain. I did some research and found that stretching can relieve joint pain. I found a few pilates (a single 30-second stretch) for the hip adductor and tried them. Lo and behold, the pain is completely gone! My back pain is also significantly lower because that huge bunch of hip muscles are no longer in a knot.

This is a miracle that would never have happened if I had health insurance. Drs. would've been pumping me with pain medication and talking hip replacement. BTW, the secret of stretching is to stretch into the pain, not stretch until you feel pain.


when i was 73 i began doing the Tibetan Rites which are some simple movements that target the endocrine system for an inner tuneup while exercising very gently the body / they changed my life / i went from having neck, knee, and back pain to being pain free / other changes were equally astonishing / the little book where i found the Rites is called Ancient Secrets of the Fountain of Youth by Peter Kelder / it was first published in 1986 / i go ta "used" one for five bucks at Amazon / my grandson tells me i look better and younger than i did 20 years ago and he ought to know / smile

they only take 10-15 minutes to do / when i began doing them i promised myself i would do them for a year / i was motivated by curiosity as the booklet make some rather extreme claims / well, i did them for a year, didnt miss a day and continued since then / i am in my sixth year now / i feel swell / i am at my premenopause weight (hooray) and this is the best time of my life / my doctor marvels at me as i only see him once a year to renew my beta blocker


Lance Mannion

Provocateur, katherine, thanks for the advice. Katherine, I put the book on reserve at the library. Provocateur, are those stretches easybto find on the web? My doctor didn't give me any pain killers. Just told me to exercise. He gave me a referal for physical therapy but said it was up to me if I want to go thst route.

El Jefe, don't just sit there! Sing along! "There's a yellow rose in Texas that I am going to see...!"

Shari Forbes

Yup. My back and my mind are NOT the same age. I totally empathize.

Ken Muldrew

I'll second the stretching recommendation. Also make sure you have lumbar support for driving. One of those little back pads may be sufficient. The arthritis diagnosis was probably just a weasel's way of telling you that you're getting old. You seem to have gotten the message, so forget about the arthritis nonsense. Mainly you have to stop being a baby and be more active. Pool running or aquasize might be a good start if full gravity exercise is too painful.

El Jefe

Provocateur52 and Ken,

What y'all said. Nothing in life so far has made me feel older, faster, than the first two times my back really went out back in my late thirties. The first one chopped me down like a tree walking to our car on a cold March night and left me there, spasmed into a plank of wood, for quite some time. Stretching as you've described it is the way, the truth, and the light. Definitely stretch into and through the pain.


Now, now. Remember, a duck may be somebody's mother :) Also that any major Emily Dickinson poem can be sung to that tune, which I'm sure you were taught in undergraduate English classes if they were worth their salt.

Cleveland Bob

Beyond the Tibetan Rites (excellent stuff, I hear) the other one word recommendation I would make is, Qigong.

Picked up a great book several years ago now called, Qicong, Miracle Healing From China by Effie Poy Yew Chow. There are a series of exercises in this book that are easy to do and easy to incorporate into your daily routine.

Changed. My. Life.


i had an extra copy of Ancient Secrets (the l980's version) so i put it in the mail to you / i like it better than the hard covers (books 1 and two) bc the illustrations are more "user friendly" / you will see what i mean when you get the library copy although book two has a lot of food advice that you may or may not find interesting



You write pretty well for an old guy. ;-)

I'll add to the recs for stretching, Tai Chi, yoga... Try out a few things, and see which one works for you.

Also, if it makes you feel better, both William Goldman and Aaron Sorkin have bad backs. It's one of the reasons they bonded. Goldman once had to give a pitch lying on the floor.

Lance Mannion

Thank you, Katherine! I'll let you know when it arrives.

Lance Mannion

Katherine, just visited the post office. The book was waiting. Thank you. I'm going to start right in as soon as I get home.

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