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Jea Schweikhard

Thoroughly enjoyed your review! Sounds like we can wait to get it through Netflix.......

minstrel hussain boy

great job oliver. yep, it's one that can wait. charging the castle on horseback? stupid.

J. Dvorak

Straight to the bottom of the pile with this flick, then. You have a keen eye for the ridiculous, Oliver Mannion.

velvet goldmine

Insightful and funny review! And as with your take on The Lorax, a cautionary piece that will spare me some dollars.

It is interesting that the two Snow White movies just released spend so much time on the queen -- at least in marketing. I wonder if it is because the actresses playing the queen have so much more star power, or if the villain is always more interesting than the damsel in distress or the cardboard cutout rescuer.

In this case, they've tried to do a feminist take on Snow White, which is admirable but absurd at the same time. That girl was just not empowered, period.

Side note: I've wondered whether a modern-day studio will ever take on Sleeping Beauty, my favorite of the better-known fairy tales. Disney's version was very beautiful -- they tried something in the animation that involved making every frame a virtual painting. But as with Snow White, I don't think you can make more of the "beauty" character than she is. The magic of Sleeping Beauty is really the situation -- the frozen in time castle and the thorns growing all around it, and hero after hero failing to climb the walls.


This is really an excellent review. So logical, yet funny, and a good length. Some people I won't mention write them too long for me. ;-) Cheers.

Kevin Wolf

Thanks for the review, Oliver. I'm thinking this will make a good time-killer on video.


That's funny. As soon as I read your comment about horses attacking the castle, I thought of the movie Samarkhand (aka The Golden Horde - yes, that Golden Horde). It almost worked for them, except for the secret tunnel and the handsome American and all that.

mac macgillicuddy

The captions say it all. After reading your review, I couldn't help wondering exactly what a Mary Sue is and how one would behave exactly when confronted with an evil queen. Anyway, this is a curious movie. I think it was marketed as an attempt to make a version of the fairy tale for a more mature and sophisticated audience, and yet it seems it's still a children's story. There must be a moral there, surely.

Oliver Mannion

Thank you all.

Mac, I think this could explain what a Mary-Sue is better than I could:

velvet goldmine


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