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Rebecca Clayton

"the coal mining region of 21st Century Kentucky, which is for all intents and purposes Wyatt Earp’s Tombstone circa 1880 with reliable cell phone coverage."

Wait--they have reliable cell phone coverage in the Kentucky coal fields? We don't even have TV and radio broadcasts here on Droop Mountain. Oh, sorry. Easily distracted. I'm definitely going to look for the Leonard novels....maybe someday I can see the TV shows via Netflix. (They have "Mad Men," but the costume inaccuracies disturb me so much I can't attend to the plot. As I said, easily distracted.)

minstrel hussain boy

elmore leonard has saved me in more than one airport waiting area. one of the things i appreciate about his books is the way i can dip in and out of them with ease.

in my kinds of life, going here then there, with many long forced stops. that's a big plus.

Janelle Dvorak

I have to think some more about this. I'm not sure I'd use the adjective "cheerful" to describe "Justified's" Raylan Givens.

Sean Paul Kelley

Justified is the best show on television right now, bar none. Not even Mad Men comes close to the character development of Justified. The short story "Fire in the Hole" is great too. But the show seems to have really moved past and transcended the original written works it was based on.


How did Leonard deal with the fact that he killed Boyd off in "Fire in the Hole"?
That's the only one of the Raylan related stories I've read, before I decided to just stick with "Justified" instead. I really don't want anything to interfere with my memories of Mags Bennett as played by Margo Martindale.

Lance Mannion

Sherri, Raylan shoots him dead in the very first episode. But he gets better.

Mhb, the novel is dippable.

Rebecca, well, it's television. They get a signal insidea coal mine.


Raylan's got a sense of humor, more often than not of the gallows variety. I'm not sure that makes him cheerful. I often can't decide what I like best about him--his willingness to lock his no-good father in jail, or his indescribable relationship with Boyd. Love the show, though.

Sherry Chandler

Rebecca, not only do they get cell phone reception in Justified's Harlan, but they play some interesting games with the state's geography. It takes a good half day to drive from Lexington to Harlan County but you'd never know that watching the series. Raylan et al. just run down to Harlan in a few minutes. I think maybe they've found a wormhole.

Earl Bockenfeld

Lance, "Mad Men" is one of my favorite AMC shows, but "Justified" not so much for me. It's too much like the "Hatfields & McCoys" that I saw last night. Rural poverty, while very bad, at least gives it victims more chance of escaping hunger, than does urban poverty.

This week with the "Mad Men" firm using Joan to solicit new business, seemed a new agency low, lower than Don Draper's womanizing while Don tried to suggest that he opposed using sex to make a sale, when his "good pitch" was enough to sell the client. It was quite a turn-about that Joan used the transaction to her own advantage. She seemed to make out at the same time that Peggy moved on to a better future.

If you have reviewed "Breaking Bad" then I missed it. This is what I think is the best and most remarkable show on AMC, and I can't understand why it hasn't had any of the critical success that "Mad Men" has had. The other show I follow is "The Killing", but with the 2nd season almost over, and the killer has not yet been identified, so it's hard to rate it. It should have set the record for providing the most "red herrings" suspects in a "who-done-it".

Tom Coombe

I'd say at this point Breaking Bad has had every bit of critical success that Mad Men has, but maybe fewer awards.

And "cut and paste job" is a good term for it. I was disappointed in Raylan for a lot of reasons, but chief among them is how Leonard depicts Boyd Crowder. On the show, Boyd always seems like the smartest guy in the room. Here, he's just a pawn.

Lance Mannion

Tom, Yes! On the show Boyd is much smarter than he is on the page in Raylan. Some of that is Walton Goggins, who, I swear, must be Bruce Dern's illegitimate son. But that plot rewritten for the show has him outsmarting the mining company executive instead of simply outmaneuvering her and sets up his outsmarting Mags Bennett. Much better. And the executive is a much more human character too as well as smarter than her counterpart in the novel.

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