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El Jefe

Austin Pendleton is a magnificent kick, especially since it allows me to envision John McCain as Doc Hopper, an image I shall cherish to the end of my days. It's even better than Jon Stewart's classic, "Mr. Wuffles, I have Snausages ..." from the second debate.

Wouldn't go with Meredith Baxter. Would either go with Blair Brown, to embody her personality rather than her physical appearance, or give Emma Thompson a chance to return to a more true-to-life version of her role in "Primary Colors." As for Obama, yes, everybody will line up for the part and it will come down to a death match between Denzel and Will Smith. But the person who *should* get it is Tim Russ -- yes, Tuvok from ST:Voyager -- who is an only marginally less handsome living physical, vocal, and body-language echo of POTUS. He was quite literally born to play the role, like a love child of Barry Bostwick and Jeff Daniels (Bostwick's appearance, Daniels' take on the personality) would be born to play George Washington.

And -- Happy Birthday!! La briethe sona, as the Irish say :)

Bill Hicks

I considered and still do the fact that McCain picked Palin as his running mate to be the clear necessary and sufficient act which disqualified him for the job of President. There has been almost nothing clearer, in my lifetime--although Mr. Romney's laughably absurd ability to say nothing but SNL punchlines does come pretty close. It is mindblowing that Romney would say, just past weekend, that while he didn't know that much about the sport of NASCAR, some of his best friends were Sprint Cup Team owners. That's just amazing--he's been compared, and rightly, to the millionaire character on Gilligan's Island.

the blonde

Will Smith as Barack. He's got the ears down perfectly.

Ralph H.

In the spirit of fairness for which we Democrats are justly praised (yeah, right!) I note only that Palin's manifest unsuitability for high office was fully apparent only in the months & years after the 2008 election. I would further argue that in the vice-presidential debate in 2008 she did incomparably better than did Dan Quayle during his moment in the spotlight (headlights?).

El Jefe


Yes, and again there's that crucial difference between Mittens and his prosopographical ancestors (like the Adamses, or Nelson Rockefeller, or Henry Cabot Lodge, all full-blooded patricians running for the job), Thurston Howell III was a *charming* awful human being, married to a loveably amoral wife. Romney is just an unloveable doof.

The Blonde,

Fair play to the point about ears.

Ralph H.

BTW, far & away the best Obama I've seen on TV is Jordan Peale on Comedy Central. Nailed him.


Hell, wait on the movie till after 2016 and Barack might play himself. He seems to be able to do whatever he sets his mind to.


As a pure story, what went on in the McCain campaign is just far more dramatic and filmable.

Agreed. And besides, Obama's life story is the compelling narrative of a Democratic film, not the battle between him and Hillary (altho as a drape for a different movie, maybe a rom-com between the two candidates, it might be fun)


Denzel might be too old. Will Smith does not have the gravitas.

Harry Lennix of ER

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