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Sean Paul Kelley

Amen Brother Mannion!

Walter Biggins

Amen, Lance! By the way, did you read Garry Wills's take on contraception, in which Santorum is, ahem, prominently featured?


Thank you!

JH Shannon

well said, my friend! aren't self-promoting hypocrites subject to being smitten by fire and brimstone, anyway?


Lance -- thanks ever so.


Bravo and amen, Lance, well said. In fact perfectly said!


I was a day late and a dollar short on your post, Lance, but then I'm Lutheran.

Earl Bockenfeld

Ayatollah Santorum Takes Climate Change Denial To A Biblical Level!!!

Great. God gave us the earth to have dominion over for our benefit, so we should rape the Earth good and proper because it's a thumb in the eye to "BIG GUBMINT". So, how does destroying the environment that allows us to exist - benefit us, Rick?

Reminds me of when Reagan's Interior Secretary James Watts said, "We don't have to protect the environment, the Second Coming is at hand.”

food doctor

Getting up at 6:15 AM walking to church in freezing weather in the dark for 7:00 AM mass - putting on the casik for the mass is what i remember most about being and alter boy. i wasn't thinking much about gods role in politics. i was worried that i wouldn't catch the host on the paten should it fall from someones mouth.i probably would have dove for it like a line drive hit sharply to short.


Sorry, but this just smacks of "No True Scotsman".

Santorum *IS* a devout Catholic, whether you like it or not, until he either renounces his faith or is excommunicated. He's unquestionably devout, and unquestionably a member of the Catholic church. Q.E.D.

This is like all the folks who whine that Phelps or Falwell aren't "real Christians" because of their warped and hateful ideology. Sorry, but if they believe in the resurrection of Jesus and all that jazz, they're Christian, end of story. Warped, twisted Christians, but Christians.

You can't just surgically excise anyone who you dislike, for fear of their reputation contaminating your own. If his views really are so out of line, why hasn't he been forced out (formally or informally)? Why hasn't the Church told him to shut the hell up?

I'm not saying he's representative, but you can't exclude someone from their own declared and deeply-held faith just because of some disagreements over priorities and interpretations and actions.

Shit, if we're gonna do that, we can just say that the Pope isn't Catholic, because no true Catholic would shield pedophiles and allow them to re-offend.

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