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Janelle Dvorak

Here Endeth the Reading.

You sure your antecedents aren't pulpit-thumping, revival tent Baptist? That was one whale of a sermon. ;)

Deborah Testa


Chris the cop

I've always prided myself on my football acumen and thus, I'm proud I told my 10-year old last week that the Giants have a shot against Green Bay but that it doesn't really matter because nobody's stopping the Saints this year.


I'd say "Amen" but that would be misconstrued.

Earl Bockenfeld

What has Tebow done lately, a miracle victory over Ben Roethlisberger. and a week later a blow-out thrashing by Tom Brady.

How staggering was the difference between Tim Tebow and Tom Brady? Entering the fourth quarter with the score 42-10, Brady had more touchdown passes (six) than Tebow had completions (five).

Late in the game, as the Patriots’ fans sang “Teeeeeee-boowwwww. Teeeeeee-booowwwww,” he had been sacked as often (five times) as he had completed passes.

Tebow hit more than 1 million mentions on Twitter. Sunday night after the miracle victory over Pittsburgh, the rate of tweets announcing the victory hit 9,420 per second. The all-time record was set last month when a TV screening of Japanese movie drew 25,088 tweets-per-second. But Tebow still beats the 8,868 tweets-per-second rate reached when Beyoncé announced her pregnancy during the 2011 MTV Music Awards...

He also starred with his mother, Pam, in a controversial Super Bowl ad sponsored by Focus on the Family. In the spot, Mom cheerfully recounts how she defied doctors to continue a risky pregnancy and gave birth to her "miracle" baby — then goofy Tebow pounced on her in a fake tackle and the ad closed by pointing 92 million TV viewers to the group's anti-abortion website...Tebow's popularity has risen to such heights that he may be second only to crusader Billy Graham in his evangelical commitment, says Mark Coppenger, a professor at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville and director of the seminar's Nashville campus.

His rise to prominence, at least for this season, is over. The stage is left to quarterbacks who can really wing it, not one who gets by on a wing and a prayer.

There is no shame in being crushed by the Patriots in the playoffs. The list of quarterbacks who have suffered similar fates in that stadium in important games is illustrious. More will walk away broken, but their tests always were measured in how they came back. This is how it will be with Tebow as well.


It's the last two paragraphs in particular Lance, that explain the story of our USA and its current landscape. Not being a refined football fan, to put it mildly, the Tebow jokes I thought a bit overwrought. Get it now. Thanks guy.


I remember watching a game, or at least pretending to, with some diehard Redskins fans back in the 80s. The Redskins had a reputation as a hard drinking, hard partying bunch of rowdies and hell raisers, and then they creamed the Dallas Cowboys with all their prayer meetings and sanctimonious God loves us more than he, she or it loves you crap. It was a real triumph of good over evil.

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