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Time to tax the church.


I wish I could send this to my 87 year old Catholic mother and my sister who does annual pilgrimages to Medjugorje in Yugoslavia (the BVM was sighted there a number of years ago). But for them, the only issue is abortion. Everything else fades in comparison.


As moe99 says. The Church, as we all know, has opinions on every topic under the sun. But it seems to act only on those related to sex. You'd think the men in charge had sex on their minds all the time. But why would they? Hmm...


Excellent, Lance. Thank you.

@KC45s: Methinks they get it on their hands a lot, too.

Jan Rogozinski

You are absolutely correct that a well=thought=out RC "Social Doctrine" was created between 1890 (Rerum Novarum) and the 1960s.

Note also that Jesus frequently condemned the rich using very strong language. (Where do they get "Jesus meek and mild." I guess they've never read the Gospels.)

But he never said one word about homosexuality. As to straight sex, his attitude seemed to be that it's best in marriage, but that sexual promiscuity, although a sin, is a trivial and very mior sin compared to the sin of voting Republican or Teabagger. As proof, I reference the Samaritan woman at the well. Also the woman taken in adultery. Notice he did not "forgive" her, he sent her away, saying "stop that!" But he also abolished the Jewish scriptures on adultery. Similarly, he abolished the Jewish scriptures on divorce, which he absolutely forbade.

The best one can say about Dolan and the other RC bishops is that they are "cafeteria Catholics." They pick and choose, and leave 95% of traditional Church doctrine behind. I have zero respect for them.


Try being a woman in the Catholic church. No say in anything, but expected to toe the line.
I have been a Catholic for 55 years. I was also a Commissioned Lay Minister. That's as far as I could go as a married woman. Not because I wasn't smart, devoted or religious enough, it is just because I was a woman.

The church is so hung up on abortion and homosexuality. It appears that there are no other issue that they will deal with. I can no longer tolerate or support this institution. It is wrong on so many levels and the sex abuse scandal was the last straw for me.

Molly, NYC

Diane: Interesting thing about women in the Church.

You know that "visitation" the Vatican foisted on American nuns a few years back?

As you surely must have guessed, it's not because American nuns are particularly rowdy.

Turns out that over the last few decades, while priests were saying mass and freaking out about sex and trying to see how prissy and ivory-tower they could be, nuns were running schools, hospitals, nursing homes, etc.

As a result, while the dioceses are mostly broke, some women's orders now own schools, hospitals, nursing homes, etc.--often with hefty endowment funds and other assets. In fact, non-diocese sisters are pretty much the only branch of the Church who do have a few bucks.

(Which is why, if you really need help and you go to Catholic Charities, what you'll get is advice on your sex life--Catholic Charities is run by the local dioceses and talk is free. Whereas the Sisters of Providence--who run some of the best hospitals anywhere--might be able to hook you up with, say, an oncologist.)

The "visitation" is basically the ecclesiastical equivalent of a thief casing a property he wants to ransack.

(I almost wish they'd try--the nuns would kick their saggy asses so hard they'd be tasting shoe leather.)

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