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minstrel hussain boy

On our Nation’s stage, only the scenery has changed. The cast, intrigue and machinations remain the same… today, the principal actors hide behind the curtain where they manipulate with ease those who act the parts before your eyes. Most of these actors have already disappeared, so new ones have appeared to play the same roles. [The revolution will never succeed] …

jean paul marat

Ken Houghton

As I said to Charlie Oberndorf on Facebook: Don't confuse BarryO with Neville Chamberlain; Chamberlain had principles!

BarryO doesn't.

FDR did. Chamberlain did. Reagan did. Even WJC did, though the times he acted on them (the Mexican bailout) are less remembered than the times he didn't ("welfare reform," which guaranteed Nader's vote count among people who couldn't count and think of $12MM as a lot of money).

You don't get into fights unless you have both the idea that "something is wrong" and an idea how to fix it that hasn't been tried. Obama lacks the latter; he's using the "ideas" that Cass Sunstein and his U of Chicago mates believe will work.


I no longer give a rat's ass if Obama is tired, engaged, fired up, or withdrawn. I'm done. I'm over him. I am as disgusted with him as I was with Bush, and he had to do significant work to get there.

We voted for FDR. We got Quisling.


The squeaky wheel gets the grease, or so the saying goes. I call both my senator's and congressperson's local office and DC office when I hear about legislation I feel strongly about. I put the numbers in my cell phone so I have no excuse not to speak up. And the White House comments line is in my cell phone too.

I called them all last week in favor of keeping Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security intact, and for letting the Bush tax cuts expire. Did it make a difference? I don't know.

The thing is, getting anything you want done means you have to get involved. Even with something as simple as a phone call to a volunteer on the other end.

And by the way, as much as I admire FDR's political skills, he still didn't get a national health care bill passed. Obama did.

Lance Mannion

Dave, I didn't vote for FDR. I wrote back at the time I didn't think either Hillary or Obama would be the second coming of FDR. There was never any reason to think or expect he would be.

The Heretik

The squeaky wheel gets the worm. The early bird gets the grease. Somewhere Obama got lost in translation.

Obviously these are confusing times . . . .


I didn't want or expect the second coming of FDR. I did want someone who believed in the Democratic programs that FDR put in place and that Democrats expanded through LBJ's terms in office.

I got a guy who's a moderate Republican with little interest in keeping those programs going. Even today, having suffered what most Democrats consider a stinging defeat, he's talking about more deficit cuts, including "strengthening" Social Security and Medicare. We don't need more deficit cuts, we need stimulus and jobs programs.

We've been played by this guy. I don't trust him a damn bit.

Lance Mannion

Link, I am far from happy with the guy right now, but he's not any kind of a Republican. He's a conservative Democrat which is not an oxymoron and not a rare breed in the history of the party, even since FDR. This "he's just a Republican" line assumes that no real Democrat holds any position on anything to right of Bernie Sanders. And it sets up the "There's no difference between Democrats and Republicans" idea that got us George W. Bush. I'm worried about his plans for more cuts but so far he hasn't touched Social Security. It's a bad time to be even talking about it, but Social Security has been over-hauled any number of times since FDR. It's a government program and that makes it by definition something that needs to tinkered with often like the engine on a sports car. Government programs go bad in two ways---the Republican way, through neglect and undefunding and corruption and the Democratic way, by institutional arrogance, bureaucratic bloat, and corruption and lack of oversight. That's what happened to our old Welfare system. That's what's happening to Medicare. Like I said, I think this is a bad time to be putting entitlements on the table but thinking it needs to be done at some pointdoesn't make someone a Republican.

Plus, there's the fact that there are no such things as moderate Republicans on the National stage, and there are only about a handful who are true Conservatives and those few are still to the right of Joe Lieberman on most issues. The Republican Party is a party of radical Right Wing reactionaries. It doesn't matter if Obama might have been more comfortable in the party of Dwight Eisenhower. That party doesn't exist anymore. Calling him a Republican helps the obscure what the Republicans are.


"The neoliberal chickens of New Democracy have come home to roost."

Bill Murray

That party doesn't exist anymore. Calling him a Republican helps the obscure what the Republicans are.

But not doing it obscures what the Democrats are. and Joe Lieberman's with us on everything bu the war


Lance, FDR had a Congress still in session.

Obama gets to recharge a little. And celebrate his birthday.

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