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I really can't take Sullivan very long. I prefer his former bloggingmate at the Atlantic, James Fallows, who writes about more than just politics and also seems to have a clue that not everybody is fortunate enough to live his life.

Douglass Truth

exactly! I think sometimes: he's such a moron, but it's a great blog. even with all its superciliousness and self-importance. i get something great from it every day.


The windows are poetry.


Getting a little tired of being told by the well-to-do strolling down Park Avenue that the rest of us hoi polloi

The clause "the rest of" is unnecessary.

I say this as one of the well-to-do who stroll Park Avenue.


Well said. And of course he's a "personal" blogger, but to a vaster degree than you outline here, Lance. He's a "personal" blogger because he really does have an alarming lack of empathy -again as you mentioned, he honestly cannot relate to people unlike himself, outside his media circle and media class.

Unless it's an abstraction like protesters in Iran. Don't see him ever giving a whit about protesters in WI say, he has absolutely nothing to say about working class Americans except to consider draconian assaults on them like the Ryan plan as "serious" and needed. He doesn't care one bit.

Such an odd duck. Still going on about Thatcherism, 25 years after he left Albion. He'd never have made it in the UK, he'd be eaten alive there. Here he's a special snowflake, who's coasted on patronage and rewarded as the bright boy on scholarship he once was. And gets very tetchy when his spaecial snowflake status is questioned. He decides long after the fact that the Iraq invasion was a Mistake, but the Hippies Were Still Wrong, and wants a medal for it. OH, I could go on.

He's a "personal" blogger all right. Most narcissists are!


I enjoy the blog as much as it frustrates me (for many of the same reasons you list). It's interesting that Sullivan seems to have learned a lesson from Iraq but not THE lesson. He realizes he was wrong about the war but he continues to stubbornly cling to other conservative mantras in the face of ample evidence that they are misguided. Sullivan wasn't just wrong about the rightness of the war; he was (for a long time) incapable of acknowledging that there were legitimate concerns about the purpose of the war and its consequences.

Christian Von Schack

Brings to mind Balloon Juice commenter Wile E. Quixote's take on Sullivan about two years ago. It's quite a screed, but he admits to liking Sullivan too:

Andrew is willing to countenance enough government interference in the health care system to keep his ass alive and insured, but not so much as to actually provide health care for people who aren’t expatriate, gay, British Catholic Tories suffering from AIDS.

Read the whole thing here.


I refused to read Andrew when he was editor of The New Republic years ago. He was so exasperatingly and willfully obtuse. There was always a point in whatever he wrote where you came to the conclusion that he only had a partial understanding of what he was writing about. And then when Peretz anointed Dubya the second coming of Pericles, I parted company with the whole shebang.



Laugh. Let's make August 10 "Andrew Sullivan Day!" since I wrote this exactly two years ago to the day: Correctly Political: Why I Despise Andrew Sullivan and it makes the same two key points. 1. He's a true solipsist. 2. That's why he's a compelling read.

In his favor, he linked and quoted from that in his Tenth Anniversary Cheer & Roast series and oooooh baby does a link from Sully generate hits.

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