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Kyleen Wistoff

Hmmmm. So what you are saying... Is that the SCIENTIFIC CONSENSUS (right up until the DSMIII became the DSMIV, as a matter of fact) dictated that homosexuality was a abnormal behavior.

Hmmm... the SCIENTIFIC CONSENSUS is never wrong, so I guess when the first DSMIV rolled off the press, a MIRACLE occurred and the genetics of homosexuals trans-substantiated in a single magic wave and their homosexuality became innate. WOW!

The same way the shape of the earth changed when the SCIENTIFIC CONSENSUS changed.

We need to get the SCIENTIFIC CONSENSUS to confirm the existence of a money tree so we can get out of this Keynesian mess in which we find ourselves.

Lance Mannion


I'm saying that Unnatural Acts has a flawed script but offers some fine acting and might be worth an evening out at the theater. What are you trying to say?

Bill Hicks

This attitude depicted in the play is exactly the attitude of the Bachmann clinic, by the way.

Earl Bockenfeld

When New Yorkers who favor marriage rights for gay couples are celebrating an important victory, "Unnatural Acts" is a sobering dramatization of a shameful episode involving a Joseph McCarthy-type gay witch hunt from nearly a century ago that was only recently uncovered.

A great deal of "Unnatural Acts" effectiveness comes from knowing that it really happened, and much of the story comes from "Secret Court" journals and notes. Speaking before Harvard’s Secret Court investigating the crime and embarrassment of homosexuality on campus, an undergraduate named Stanley Gilkey explains that the only reason he associated with the accused was because he was a “budding criminologist” studying them.

He knew they were homosexual because of their tell-tale “common symptoms,” including “effeminate gestures, allergies to coarse fabrics, raw bitten cuticles, disparate thinking, the inability to look a woman in the eye, suicidal tendencies, unreliable character, poor hand to eye co-ordination, handwriting that slants from right to left, a voice pitched a half octave above the average man’s. The list goes on.”

Gilkey was one of only two of the dozen accused that the Harvard court found not guilty. His classmates were not so lucky. Many of these expelled sons of Harvard committed suicide, sooner or later, or in other ways self-destructed.

I wonder if the "Bachmann Clinic" also works on curing these "gaydar tells" along with curing the Gay.

Lance Mannion

Earl, can you give us a source and a link for the quote?

Gilkey comes off the worst of all the characters and I found that very interesting because he was one of the few who went on to live a long and fairly successful life and apparently an openly gay life, as well, and he lived that life in the theater and here he is on stage being presented as something of a villain by a bunch of young gay actor-playwrights. It made me wonder if Gilkey is a *known* character in the the theater world.

Earl Bockenfeld

I found an interesting review of the play in "Faster Times"

Kilkey as a fraud(?) and villian

"Unnatural Acts" is about expulsion of students from Harvard for being gay...91 yrs ago. But will there be, at least one book and maybe a play about the expulsion of gay students at, say, the University of the Cumberlands in Kentucky (in 2006), John Brown University in Arkansas (2007), California Lutheran High School (upheld by a California court in 2009), or the expulsion of the child of lesbians from Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic School in Boulder, Colorado (2010)?

What about all the service members who were kicked out of the military because of "Don't ask, Don't tell" which we have heard has been discontinued, but still seems to be still in effect, if hanging by a thread.

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