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I've seen both X-Men and Super 8 and, if you can only choose one, go to see X-Men.

Super 8 wasn't bad but it definitely had a 'Spielbergian' feel to it. I've never seen the Goonies or E.T. but based on what I've heard, Super 8 had that kind of a vibe. Not bad, a decent date movie and Elle Fanning does a better job acting than the other kids (both in and out of the 'movie within the movie').

X-Men: First Class, on the other hand, was a James Bond movie that happened to include people with super-powers.


Re: Minority Report

Yes, but it's his son. He is/was married, and that woman does help him out of his jam and in fact, the end of the film intimates that they'll reunite.

Close Encounters, Lance. Melinda Dillon.

I think Spielberg is too clever to let a love story become the focus of a film, however. I appreciate that change of pace.

Ken Houghton

Chip Delany disagrees with Seitz. And I'll bet on Chip in this territory.

I remember Always, but it was a remake of a better film.

I think you're misremembering Jurassic Park. Neill and Dern are an item throughout the film--there's just bloddy no chemistry between them. (Neill says the first part to Jeff Goldblum about 4/5 of the way through, when Goldblum essentially expresses a desire to make her "the future ex-Mrs. WhateverHisLateNameIs.")

If you want to see a riff on Early Spielberg, I'm certain the New Columbo episode is available.

Elle Fanning or the girl who made Winter's Bone bearable? That's also an easy choice if you're looking for a moving picture.

Ken Houghton

Oh, and if no one counts Bob Wise's faithful adaptation of a ST television script mash-up as a ST movie, then can we please have a mulligan on Improbable Body Doubles and It's Not Just My Fault Cause I Wasn't Alone?

If you want to claim there are not six real ST movies, then the correct answer is four (three, if you count that II and III are really one film, but that's an admittedly extreme position).

Lance Mannion

Ken, I'd gladly write The Laughing Vulcan movie out of the canon and I can accept II and III as one movie. As for the first one, I think the decision was made to write all the following movies as if nothing in that one had happened. But I may be misremembering, as I'm sure I'm misremembering Jurassic Park too---I saw that one under somewhat stressful circumstances. I'll have to tell that story some day.

Tom, you and Ken have me leaning towards X-Men, but the debate's still on here. Son no. 2 is strong for X-man, Wife no. 1 for Super 8, but Son no. 1's still thinking it over.

actor, thanks for the catch on Melinda Dillon. Fixed it.


As for the first one, I think the decision was made to write all the following movies as if nothing in that one had happened.

I may have been one of the few people who actually thought Star Trek I was a good movie, but...and I want to stress this...I saw it at a midnight show with a bunch of Ph Ds from MIT who worked for Singer's (now BAE) General Precision Equipment division.

We were, um, sort of focused on the, at the time I was friends with Persis Khambatta.


I saw Super 8 last night. And I have to say, I enjoyed it greatly. The movie may be made for 13 year old boys, but 13 year old girls were in the audience and they're the ones I heard in the bathroom after the movie planning on pulling out movie cameras of their own.


Pardon me for going another way... Midnight In Paris is pure delight. My husband and I went, even though he dislikes Woody Allen's stuff and can rarely be coaxed into seeing anything of his. If 13 Assassins had been playing anywhere within an hour's drive, that's where he would have been. But he came out of Midnight In Paris smiling, pronounced it "brilliant," and has been telling everyone he knows - and doesn't - to go see it.

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