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Kyleen Wistoff

For every person who said after Friday night’s vote, “Hooray” or “Thank God” or “It’s about time”, there was at least one person screaming in rage.
Wrong. Those advocating the status quo for the dominant culture of the 93% over the 7% aren’t necessarily angry or anti-gay because they are pro-status quo.

You’d like to imagine those ideologically askew from you as red-faced irrational fanatic haters. That’s just bullcrap projection.

Personally, I could care less who marries who, but I’d like to know the terms under which Gays will accept unconditional victory and dismantle their grievance industry.

The other tribe is made up of mainly white, mainly middle-aged, mainly middle class, mainly but far from exclusively Southern and Middle Western political and cultural reactionaries who sincerely believe “their” country has been stolen from them.

Demonstrably and patently wrong. As the blacks in California made completely clear in their cultural block vote against Proposition 8. You’re SO wrong, it’s a headscratcher that you’d even float that particular Liberal hate projection.

At any rate, Mozeltov and congratulations to New York. You are on the right side of history. 100 years from now this vote will stand as a watershed. Of course 100 years from now you’ll be reviled for being on the wrong side of history in the destruction of unborn human life, but enjoy the small victories.


Hi Kyleen. No, you actually are anti-gay if you (or anyone) are declaring I should be a second-class citizen. You simply are, and you cannot tell me otherwise. My home state of NY decided that your valued "status quo" was unfair and unacceptable. As does a majority of people here in polls- not that that should matter when it comes to basic rights and fairness.

Personally, I could care less who marries who, but I’d like to know the terms under which Gays will accept unconditional victory and dismantle their grievance industry.

Taken literally, "I could care less" means you actually care somewhat. Clearly! And when you describe the fact that I can now marry the person I love in my state with such hostile phrasings of war like "unconditional victory", even more clear. I'm sorry that my being granted the right to marry in my state offends you so. "Grievance industry" is pretty funny there- here you are, resentful and denigrating of marriage equality yet denying any antigay animus. And also resentful of gay people pointing out and working against the sort of hostility you're sending out here. Yes, fighting for your basic rights against all odds to marry the person you love- what a profitable racket it is!

Small victory? No, it was sort of a big one. But thank you for admitting your attitude has been on the wrong side of history, that was gracious.


Still raising hell I see ... keep it up, my friend!

Earl Bockenfeld

Before voting on a proposed Minnesota constitutional amendment to make marriage recognized as only a union between one man and one woman, Representative Steve Simon gives a very compelling argument to vote
How Many Gays Must God Create Before You Accept That He Wants Them Around?

minstrel hussain boy

mississippi goddam

(one should never, ever miss a chance to listen to nina simone)

Uncle Merlin

Mel Brooks had it right in Blazing Saddles way back- The big corp was "Engulf and Devour"! How prescient.

Now if I can just FIND that guy hiding under the bed I'll be off to the preacher pronto!


The Updated link to the article should be

The linked article also contains a priceless quote from the Erie County Republican Chairman Nicholas Langworthy:

"...This is not tax policy or something. This is important stuff."

Lance Mannion


Thanks for the catch. Fixed it. And, you're right, that is priceless!


Personally, I could care less who marries who, but I’d like to know the terms under which Gays will accept unconditional victory and dismantle their grievance industry.

How about the day when something like this passes, and you shut up and realize it's for the good and welfare about people around you?

That "industry" wouldn't exist but for people like you who created the anti-industry.

Lance, Grisanti is a former Dem and will likely switch parties (which will piss off a certain Dem who thought she'd get his seat, but I digress) and Stephen Saland likely saw the writing on the wall (in terms of demographics). Too, Cuomo probably dangled some plum for his district (which extends from Poughkeepsie up to nearly Kingston).

Most intriguing, James Alesi seemed to do it for a woman :-)

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