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Bill Altreuter

It is hard to know what is more unappealing-- the Republican candidates personally, or their ideas.

It is sort of the opposite of the "Tastes Great/Less Filling" debate.


Yeah. He probably thought a tack to the center would help frame him as less mean.

Shame. Was looking forward to a real Constitutional professor taking the faux Constitutional educator to school in the debates. A Newt nomination would have made for three of the most historic tautological spankings in the history of Presidential debates.

But it was not to be.

Doesn't matter who the Republicans nominate though, does it Lance? Because Jimmy Car-- I mean Barack Obama is "going to win in a landslide," right? That was your prediction.

(Just in case, you might want to stake out your favorite ice floe, because there won't be another Democratic President for the next 28 years.)

Mr Green Genes

Jimmy Carl Black, the Indian of the group?


Do you think that Gingrich "honestly" thought he had a chance at the Republican nomination? Or is he just jockeying for his position on the right wing gravy train? Speaker's fees, well paid think tank sinecures, Regnery book deals, shell foundations and maybe a sweet sweet Faux News TV show ... mmmmm ...


First, when I heard Newt say "OK, nobody use those quotes," I immediately flashed onto that Ocean Spray Cranberry juice commercials where the kid spills sugar into the bog and then has to make sure nobody touches those berries because Ocean Spray has no added sugar.

Second, Schippreke, name one Republican who can beat Obama AND who can get thru the primaries?

Huntsman stands a chance in the general, but Sununu is already calling him "Barack Lite" (OK, I made that up, he actually called him a RINO). Daniels won't make it thru the pony show that is the primary season, altho he could at least tackle Obama on the budget.

That really leaves....who?

I don't see Obama losing, particularly after nailing Osama. If unemployment drops below 9%, it's over.

Mr. Furious
The problem is that the Party has gone off its rocker.  It has committed itself to an economic policy based on meanness, greed, ideologically dictated wishful thinking, and bad math, not to mention that it’s wildly unpopular...

You think that's crazy? What's REALLY crazy is the supposedly sane party looks at that and decides it need to be more like it.

Bill Hicks

You are 100 percent dead-on right about the Gingrich situation.

El Jefe

This just in (well, not for you Lance, you're already tweeting about it): Newt's campaign staff discover that he's Newt Gingrich, resign en masse. It's like Tom Lehrer eventually said, we don't have to make this stuff up anymore.

While it's possible he will run something like an old-fashioned favorite son campaign, I wouldn't waste too much concern about Rick Perry. I lived in Austin when he was lieutenant governor (the job that actually has power in the Texas executive) and during his first term replacing Dubya. The problem is neither his hair nor his constitutionally-trash-talking incompetence. It's old fashioned and simple: it has taken herculean efforts, for years, to help him stay in the closet. If one particular opponent of his during the last gubenatorial primaries hadn't decided she would have more leverage supporting him in the end, that would finally have ended. So long as he kept his job and did the right favors for the plutocrats, like Lindsay Graham and poor Charlie Crist (who got married for McCain's sake and was then jilted for Lieberman and then Palin), his other life would've stayed down the memory whole. But when faced with opponents of the caliber of Bachmann and possibly Palin in pursuit of the loony self-starting-secessionist base, that won't last.

El Jefe

Further to Newt's predicament: had a chat with one of my best friends yesterday, a groomsman at my wedding back when and a (very good) working musician in his spare time, but when he clocks in a state-capitol operator in Austin. He says all signs from people who would know (folks in the offices of various state secretaries, a DNC member on drinking terms with his Republican oppos, and someone in the TX House speaker's office) are that Perry is fool enough to go for it. Also this, which I don't know if any of our usual blogging suspects are on to yet -- several key people in the Gingrich exodus are seasoned Perry operatives, and helped tap in to the fundraisers Gingrich had hoped to use. I wonder if Mr. "But I'm the American Right's Greatest Living Intellectual!" just got punked ....

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