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Mannion Groupie

Hey Lance, you sure seem to go on a lot of late night milk runs. Is milk a euphemism for weed? Or personal time when no one can disturb you? Or the fact you're planning a bank robbery with your crew of tough but funny ex-convicts with hearts of gold?


Lance Mannion

MG, you got me. Yes, to all of the above. Except that it's not always weed. Sometimes I need a less mellow sort of high.


I hit a deer in the ass like that once. She was just standing on the shoulder getting ready to cross the road. I was slowing down when at the last moment she turned to run the other way, and swung her ass out into the lane. Lots of white hair in the grille and the headlight out and she disappeared, just like for you.

It's cool you saw 7 at one time. I have never seen more than 5. You were lucky. Also lucky that all 7 didn't decide to attack your car. They are dumb, rabbits with hooves.

I have a friend who says the best way not to hit deer is to have a gun in the car. You never see any deer when you have one, he says.


My college roommate and I were on a road trip years ago when we found ourselves having to travel through a heavily-wooded state park somewhere in Pennsylvania. We were in a VW bug. We had miles to go before we would pull over at a rest stop to sleep. Drove for miles with deer lining the side of the road, eyes glowing in the dark. We slowed the car to a crawl and made it out of the park somehow, but we surely encountered many scores of them along the way. We learned what the expression "deer in the headlights" meant that night.

You'd think we would have noticed that there were no other cars on the road. Young and foolish roadchicks, we were.

Tom M

In our family only the men see deer. The women hit them or, like you, are hit by them. My wife hit one coming home from dinner with friends one night. Our dog loved the front of that car for days.
My daughter was on her way to our house one evening and she hit the last one in a group that was on its way across the road from one patch of woods to another. Got it dead in the middle of the grill. $4500.
My sister is the champ, though. She hit 2 in a month and then the third, an incredible strike. When I saw her car I was amazed that the deer hit her car, as she was doing about thirty, just in front of the driver side door. That was a martyr deer because to hit her car in that spot the deer had to be aiming for it. I warned her after the second that the Family would be after her.
She didn't believe me but those ruminants may not look like they're thinking about anything but they are: revenge.
Well, some of them; maybe the Eastern clan.


Similar story to yours, Lance. I was driving in the ass end of the Catskills by the Pepacton reservoir. I wasn't speeding, doing 55 on a curve. Off to the left, at twilight, I noticed a couple of does standing across the road, waiting politely for me to pass.

As I entered the apex of the turn, leaping nearly the entire width of the road comes this idiot buck. I know he's a buck from the tiny rack...and I bet he got much ribbing about that from the does.


He lowered his head and charged my car. However, not being the brightest of critters (which the fact that he charged a car should have made obvious), he aimed poorly and hit my left rear quarter panel flush on.

I've never seen a punch drunk deer before. He never went down, altho they call them "knees"?...buckled close to the asphalt.

He straightened up, looked at me, and literally shook the cobwebs out of his head, and bounded off.

I cursed him mightily.

minstrel hussain boy

an interesting nature fact from the wild hills of my home.

a deer is born with exactly enough brains to perfectly tan its hide.

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