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I'm with you Lance - shoveling a moderate amount of snow 2 or 3 times is a whole hell of a lot easier than shoveling the whole 2 feet all at once.


This segmented method of shoveling is what I do also. Then there is a lot of brooming of the car. No garage, in a village where the houses are really close together, my car sits in between in a snow cyclone. Today it looked like a creemee (softserve) with rear view mirrors sticking out. If not for the mirrors you would never know there was a car in there.

Fortunately my son is visiting now, so none of it is my job today. Yesterday I mentioned that he might like to get rid of the rest of the last snow before the new snow came. He said that he was not like me and preferred to do it all at once. Fine by me as long as it gets done, I said. Personally I would think that the different properties of the different snow falls would make it a pain, but wev.

I was remembering when I moved out of my parent's house and then my dad bought a snowblower. I was outraged, couldn't you have gotten that earlier? He laughed, I didn't need it before, he said.

There is not enough area at this house to need a snowblower, although sometimes I think it would be nice, for when I don't have a visitor. The portion between the road plowing and the sidewalk plowing is damn heavy.


I forgot to say that I live in a village as you seem to, and I can walk to all shopping, bookstore, coffeeshop, 2 hardwares, lumber, feed store, bakery and a number of restaurants and art/craft galleries. Even a good supermarket, but then how do you get the groceries home? I would not want to get a granny cart that got away from me coming back down the hill - tally ho! I really love being able to walk to where I want to go, I have always lived in the boonies before. I wasn't sure I'd like being cheek by jowl with the neighbors, but it's great. The dog enjoys being tied outside stores to wait and meet & greet his adoring public. And my car insurance gives me a special low low rate for driving a small number of miles. My studio is downstairs so the work location is sweet.


Once when I was delivering papers it snowed so much on a Saturday I finally got my Sunday papers on the following Wednesday. For once, nobody complained that their paper was late.

food doctor

liberals shovel snow republican conservatives blow...


I shoveled last night around nine for the last of four times yesterday, giving up for the evening because of the whipping winds and biting snow-blasts.

I wish I hadn't. I wish I had gone out one more time, because in between 9 and 5 AM (and yes, like you I thought about the snowblower or leaf blower and thought about the neighbors, only in the city, that numbers in the hundreds...) another foot hit, and my building is situated such that all winds lead to my front door. was open. I leave it to you to mosey to my blog to read the details.

chris the cop

Hate to gloat but Syracuse (which did get 4 feet in four days earlier this month) did not get a speck from the Wed. before Christmas to the present. I am forever grateful, as my back was just about ready to fall off.

I did snow blow the driveway four times this month (we've had 75 inches to date) but I also shoveled maybe 6-8 times which re: Food Doctor's comment puts me right where I want to be - in the middle.


I am so so glad I live near Seattle..

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