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A different perspective, Lance

While I'm not entirely convinced of the merits, it may have been a brilliant political stroke.


I, too, have a really hard time believing that Obama is an idiot. But I wish to god that the WH would be a little more transparent about the deals they're making, if that is what they're doing. Because almost every time I read the news my stomach hurts these days.

I can't believe they're going to extend the goddamn Bush tax cuts and not extend unemployment today.


Of course it's the Democrats.
The day after the mid-terms during his press conference he signaled to the Republicans that he was putting health care back on the table when he said he was "happy to consider" modifications presented by the Republicans. The day after Democrats lost their seats for voting in favor of health care reform, he basically said, Get your knives out again, kids.
CNN is reporting that both Cantor and Boehner mentioned that Obama stated in Tuesday's political summit that he should have reached out more and worked more with Republicans.
Whether or not he actually means what he seems to be saying is not the point. The Republicans will hammer him with it, and you can take your pick in accusing him of caving (progressives) or not cooperating with Republicans to get the job done (everyone else).
Whatever he's doing behind the scenes hasn't translated to a great message out in the open.

El Jefe


Re your update, might want to ask Lincoln how the pre-election polling on that's working out for her. Oh. Right.


I do think that's a plausible reading, and it's the sort of thing that a genuinely smart legislator would do. And, despite his enjoyment of the view and responsibilities from the executive perch, Obama still thinks strategically with the mind of a smart legislator. Trouble is that in his current job he has one, possibly two, four-year cracks at it and out. And, as another smart legislator (LBJ) realized, the American political record says that big policy swings towards right or left are accomplished in short, sharp shocks during moments of historical slippage, not by increments. That requires planning on a different time frame.

Inside the House especially, once you get past Pelosi's rediscovered brass, I fear that a combination of misplaced (or rather, useless) rationality and the culture of intimidation aimed at Dems will leave us with something that looks like the classroom taser scene in "The Hangover." That's certainly the Repubs' idea of politics, and fun. And John Boehner looks uncomfortably like the white deputy ....


I'm afraid I can't buy the analysis cited in that post actor212 linked to. I honestly think Obama really believes, in spite of all evidence to the contrary, he should have reached out more to Republicans over the past two years and had he just done so his powers of persuasion could have won the day and gotten him some votes from that side.

I think he's used to Democrats, whose party discipline is nowhere near as strong as Republicans. Hell, he could have offered each Republican Senator a few million bucks and each would still have voted against Democratic initiatives. Look at the number of meetings Senator Kyl has had with Administration officials. He's still endangering national security by refusing to go along with START, and his reasons are false and specious. Yet Obama and his crowd won't call him out on it by name, nor will Obama make a damn speech saying the Republicans are endangering our security by refusing to ratify that thing. Bush said that about Democrats every time they tried to hold up his Iraq war or modify its funding.

I think he still doesn't realize what sort of animal the opposition is. It's not a cuddly Sun Bear, it's a damn grizzly which really does want to obstruct everything he wants to do, and if the citizens of this country are hurt even further by the Republicans' actions, they don't care. I think he's going to be a single-termer unless he figures that out.

The Hopey-Changey thing isn't working. I'm more disillusioned about this guy than I ever was about Clinton.


From an email to a friend last night:
"I watched his inauguration in the auditorium here with a lot of people, most of them Black maintenance and clerical employees; they are heartbroken at his cowardice after being thrilled by his election. He is a total wuss and what is worse, he doesn’t even know it. Clueless at first, and now dazed and confused. A man in love with the sound of his own voice, maybe his wife and children, and nothing else that I can see...And here is the thing. Had he fought for what he promised, but lost due to Republican intransigence, he would have gotten a Congressional majority this month that would have annihilated the GOP in its current incarnation for more than a generation, and possibly forever...The guy we voted for was simply a figment of our imagination, which was in desperate need of “hope and change” after 28 years of the Reagan-Bush Descendancy, including the Clinton-Gore Interregnum, and particularly the final 8 excruciating years under Bush the Lesser."

Uncle Merlin

I have to agree, the "hopey-changey" thing is not working, it was never statesmanlike to begin with. But what is great about today is that ALL Politicians are all at their very ends. It has now become crystal clear that the country is headed towards bankruptcy at a Clippers' pace. There is no more room for wiggling and or constituency favoritism. The country will be broke unless and until the ridiculous spending comes to an end-- today! Even Halliburton can't stop it!
It's great when ship is sinking because all the rats are revealed, and it will be the only opportunity we as voters will get as a nation to change direction and have a fighting chance of wresting congressional control back out of the hands of big-big-business. Big-big-business ( which needs congressional controls to even exist)has to leave as soon as the well is dry.
I for one never believed in the trickle-down theory, why the hell would I give up my hard earned dollars ever to give to some slouch??
But I do believe in the trickle-up theory! That is what built this country in the first half of the 20th century.

Give a skilled worker a job, pay them well and bingo they buy a US house, they buy a US toilet, they buy US fish, they buy US BREAD and once again they will buy US Cars!
Yes trickle-up is what really works and now the UP has literally run out of money. Mr."Politician-Deregulator" Did you really think big-big-business would come to the aid of the FEDS in need???


Alas, I'm cynical enough to think that until the media is fixed, the American people won't see the rats as rats, even as they're sitting on the bed, staring their dupes in the face.

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