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Nancy Nall

Put it on your Amazon wish list, and I will happily contribute a chunk toward purchase.

Holding out for an iPad, m'self.


Nance, much appreciated, but, to quote George W. Bush's favorite philosopher, "Get thee behind me, Satan!"


Get thee to a pool, dope.


I have a library (two and a half walls) packed three deep, a laundry room (with two walls one book deep) and a bedroom with two bookshelves packed two deep) plus I gave away a professional library to a school and have given away at least a thousand books to the library for its sale. How many trees is that? Thank god I read slower now.

So I bought an iPad two weeks ago. I love it! You can get a free Amazon app for it which is good because the selection is better and less expensive than iBooks. Plus I can sit anywhere and download a Netflix (free app) movie.

Call it a green purchase! Or a no more dusting purchase.


I am pretty indifferent to my Kindle, but ebooks on my iPhone were life-changing - because they mean that whatever book I'm currently reading is in my pocket no matter where I am. I don't have to think to carry a book with me in order to get some reading in. I can pull out my phone and read a few pages while standing in line, waiting for the bus, whenever I have a spare moment.

The Kindle then becomes a nice accessory. I use it for sitting on the sofa at home and reading - it predates the iPad, or I might have an iPad. (Kindles can sync to wherever you stopped reading, so you can get home and switch devices easily.)


i live in SE Utah in a remote town / our library was voted the Best Small Town LIbrary in America a couple of years ago by Library Journal / i live a block away / i love my library and the feel of books, papers, covers, all the different sizes / another thing i like is browsing the shelves, not knowing what will pique my interest / what books i never heard of or saw before / on subjects new and different / the favorites of the various staff members, guessing which of them chose which book / smile / i like the surprise of finding something like that / the Kindle means you have to ask for something in particular / n'est-ce pas ?

and can you write in the margins and make mysterious little typographical corrections ?

leave a tear stain behind ?


Yeah, the only thing about Kindles etc. that really appealed to me was the ability to take a bunch of books traveling with me, and not have to carry them or abandon them.

What someone really ought to do is rent them, along with a set number of texts, at places like the airport or train stations, where you can pick one up in Cleveland, say, load it up with a couple of sci-fi books (hopefully the selection would be better than typical airport bookstores') and then return it when you arrive in San Francisco.

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