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"We're not out there spending enough."
That's nothing new. Up until a year or so ago, that's the story major news organizations led newscasts with every Monday after Thanksgiving.
'Economists speculate that this holiday season could be one of the worst in years etc. etc.' which loosely translates into: 'OMG if you people don't buy more Christmas crap the whole economy will collapse! Who cares if you don't have the money, that's what credit cards are for! Hurry hurry, you've only got a few weeks to save the economy!'
For a long time, our magic-unicorn economy has been based on people whose jobs were disappearing either to other countries or into the mist keeping things going by spending money they didn't have. It's amazing things didn't implode sooner.


Sue, all too true.


Great stuff, Lance. I call it a feudal mindset. If you'll forgive a link, I've written a few recent posts on these dynamics and plutocracy, with this one being the most relevant to your post. Like Orwell quipped, some are more equal than others.


"My rump is particularly tender tonight"

Sal Salzman

Pratchett's vampires aren't that cut-and-dried.

You've got the black ribboners, "reformed" vampires who want to blend in with society. Most obvious examples are Sally, the cop in Thud, and Otto, the "photographer" in several books, notably in The Truth.

From what we've seen, even Wall-Street's vampires can reform and become vital and useful members of society, but it is rare.


B, links from you are always welcome.

Sal, you're right, and I sure don't want to slight Otto, who is one of my favorite characters, or Lady Margolotta. And of course there are the rumors about the Patrician himself...

I was focusing only on the vampires---excuse me.---vampyres in Carpe Jugulum.

Phoenix Woman

Lance: Thanks for this. And if there are any Randroids (such as Allen Greenspan, Paul Ryan or Mark Sanford) out there who object to their characterization, I have this for them:

The thing about Randroids is that they are typically infected as teens or first-year college kids; if they're not hooked by that time, they've generally matured enough so that they actually possess full-fledged consciences, and aren't just walking Ids or Egoes. (If you ever meet a Randroid who became one after the age of twenty-five, take good notes: You will have standing before you a hopelessly perfect moral idiot.) But young, insecure, clever but socially awkward teens are the perfect recruits: Rand tells them that they are superior and they don't need to learn social skills or give a rat's ass about anyone but themselves.


>Some of this is even coming from Democrats

Care to name names? I'd have Obama at the top of my list, except that I don't consider someone who makes a centrist like Bill Clinton look like FDR in comparison in any meaningful sense a Democrat.

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