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Ken Muldrew

"Yeah, well, I guess there's nothing to be done."
Howard "Bunny" Colvin, from The Wire.


So I guess this helps explain the Tea Party fascination with repealing the 17th Amendment (direct election of Senators). Gotta make sure only corporate flunkeys make it to the Senate, though there's little enough danger of that already, it seems.


I meant, "of that not happening already" above.


Let's not forget Wisconsin, which might soon be contributing Ron "Sunspot-Activity-Causes-Global-Warming" Johnson to the mix. He's holding up surprisingly well against Russ Feingold so far, in spite of the above comments and others (drilling in the Great Lakes), and information coming out about taking government money (federal grant) for his business. Watching once-progressive Wisconsin falling for this baloney has been depressing.


Exactly right Lance. To be fair, we do have the systematic problem of the Senate disproportionately representing rural voters that will probably be all but impossible to change. But still, we had a brief, golden moment where reform could have blossomed- but instead we got a demonstration of just how corrupt and dysfunctional our politicians have become. It's all very disappointing but not exactly unexpected.


"And if it all goes to pot again"

What do you mean _if_? It's _when_.

(And I'm not sure how many times more we can do this dance: as the global climate worsens, as resources get more expensive, as global food supplies shrink - there is, as Adam Smith used to say, a great deal of ruin in a nation, but like many things, it's a finite resource).


Ditto Bruce's comments. We just can't keep doing this forever. Not morally or something, literally, physically -can't-. Something's gonna give. If/when a GOPer gets back into the White House, it's gonna give all the faster.

However, in the immediate term, speaking as a resident of Washington State, the chances of Dino Rossi unseating Senator Patty Murray are zero. (Especially if he continues to try and get by without the endorsement of the official/former Wingnut candidate.)

Lance Logic

Hmmm. As I remember, certain bloggers shoveled all the sand they could shovel into the gears of the various initiatives of the former president. And now those same bloggers are... what's the word? Baffled? Indignant? Disgusted? Yes, disgusted the minority power party is standing in opposition to the majority power's steamrolling. (Or... yaknow... whatever you call it when you can pass any bill you want for 250 days and you don't actually pass any.)

Huh. Imagine that.

Well, it's good to know so many have seen the error of their ways and will support the values and initiatives of all presidents of any political persuasion going forward!

No more "party of no" for anyone! Hooray!


Agreeing with Bruce and Geoduck - so long as politics is a game to these people, one in which pieces and money and Senate seats are moved around with no regard for the real people and places the "game" affects, it's just going to be one piece of crud after another. Sometimes it will be a slightly less obnoxious team leading the playoffs, but nothing's going to change until it stops being a game for the people in power and the Serious People who fawningly report on them.


LL, are you talking about the time those bloggers stopped W. from invading Iraq? Or the time they convinced him to back off on his budget busting tax cuts? Or maybe you mean when they forced him to go down to NOLA and help all those people trapped in the Superdome and then stick around to clean up and rebuild the city?

You know that Max Baucus and Ben Nelson are Democrats, right? Personally, I'm not all that disgusted with the Republicans for acting like Republicans over the last two years. I was already about as disgusted with them as I could be for acting Republicans for the last thirty. I think the real disgust on the left side of the blogosphere is with the Democratic leadership for not acting like Republicans and getting the stuff they said they wanted to get done done.


Why I chose not to vote
By Wendell Berry
Special to The Courier-Journal - Monday, July 2, 2007

"I am well aware of the proposition that citizens ought to exercise their right to vote at every election. Even so, I did not vote in Kentucky's gubernatorial primary on May 27. I did not vote because there was nobody on the ballot whom I wished to help elect. I could not bring myself to submit again to the indignity of trying to pick the least undesirable candidate; nor did I want to contribute to the "mandate" of a new governor, who would be carried into office by corporate contributions, and whose policies I would spend the next four years regretting or opposing."


As I remember, certain bloggers shoveled all the sand they could shovel into the gears of the various initiatives of the former president. And now those same bloggers are... what's the word? Baffled? Indignant? Disgusted? Yes, disgusted the minority power party is standing in opposition to the majority power's steamrolling.

Not at all.

We're disgusted that our representatives have, in the spirit of bipartisanship and fidelity to nation and people, NOT STOMPED A MUDHOLE THE SIZE OF TEXAS in the minority party, as they had every right to, after eight years of being ignored and shunted aside.

Bub Bless.

You just described the condition that has led me to conclude that I will not vote this year. Possibly never again.
My next "vote" will be for hangings, perhaps.

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