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Thanks for the heads up about the short. Someone I know said it was awesome, but from what you say about it (and knowing her) I can see why, and, ugh.

Kids movies I would recommend to people without kids? Wall-E (at least the first half). Ratatouille I recommended to my boyfriend, but then he's a cook. The original Wiz of Oz and Charlie & the Chocolate Factory, of course. And most definitely Into the West (the one with Gabriel Byrne in it), which despite the packaging, really isn't a movie for kids at all.

I myself was, and remain, exceedingly underwhelmed by The Incredibles.


What supposed family or children’s movies would you recommend as good movies for adults who won’t be going to see them with kids?

Lilo and Stitch!!

• Camp like you never imagined Disney had in them. Co-directed by out gay director Dean DuBlois, its a completely over the top grownup delight

• An absurdist paean to Nontraditional Family Values

• Neither chock full of white people, nor thinly painted 'brown' white people -- in fact the only haoles in the movie are brief comic relief, unless you count the Schoolmarm Alien

• Terrific character development, in a cartoon of all things

• Wall to wall kickass girl mayhem, Buffy / Roadrunner style

• Elvis impersonations! Alien elvis impersonations!!

• Ving Rhames as a social worker. Really.

• David Ogden Stiers. Really!

• Endless quotable quips

"Do you know what TUNA IS! TUNA is FISH!! if I fed Pudge FISH I'd be an ABOMINATION!!!"

"Oh good, my dog found the chainsaw."

"You're VILE! you're FOUL! you're FLAWED!
"Also! Cute! And! FLUFFY!" [firey explosion]

"Did you catch fire again?"
"No, just the stage."


Iron Giant.

PA Reader


Team Reader will be seeing Toy Story 3 this weekend (after a bit of golf, of course) and are looking forward to it.

Has anyone else lapsed into using the plural forms of verbs when using collective nouns since the start of the World Cup (e.g., England are lucky they advance to the knockout round ...)?


Heh. When you started describing the short, my first thought was that you had shifted gears and were reviewing that new film with Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise.

velvet goldmine

I've been thinking about your "Day & Night" aversion off and on for a few days. I found the movie fairly charming, and the message sweet, despite the fart stuff which usually sends me running. I was attracted by the animation, which reminded me of James Thurber cartoons. I couldn't find any confirmation that this was a Thurber homage, but I did find the fun facts that the voice in the radio transmission was Wayne Dyer, and that the man who made the film is the voice of the telephone in TS3.

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