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minstrel hussain boy

i sometimes find myself waxing all nostalgic for the days when my guys were little. there are a lot of amazing things to watch. when a child is learning to talk, they are not only learning a language, they are learning the concept of language. it's a fun, and interesting time.

then, i'll be shopping for groceries, or some other pursuit which they would always hijack (not so much with behavior, but with endless questions) and i'll realize how convenient it is for me now that they are grown.

put me firmly in the "just shoot me" camp please.


The one good thing about them being little is that you can pick them up and move them, and then they stay there. My son at 3, told to stay in his room until he could be civilized, after a half hour calls out the door crack, "Can I come out now?" I ask if he is ready to be civilized. Long introspective pause, then: "No." Thank you for your honesty dear, get back in.

Now that really *was* civilized. The honesty, so refreshing! What adult would answer so? Then again, what adult would go in there in the first place.

No shooting needed here, if my health could take it I'd be fostering this second.

Cathie from Canada

Today I went through the experience of hearing that my children were about to be arrested at the G20 protests, 2000 miles away from us. In the end, the police let them go, but it was a close call. I didn't know whether to be proud, or hysterical, or both.

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