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I first saw the Band when I was 15. It was my first "real" concert (i.e. I got to go by myself). Levon was awesome then, awesome now.


Nice, thank you.
Pssst, I don't think it's Emily Lou... ;-)


and he shall be Levon.. and he shall be a good man..


My first encounter with The Band was listening to Music from Big Pink...over and over and over...I had just never heard anything quite like them, before or since. A terrific tribute to a legendary group; thanks, Lance1


Random points: Been listening to them since the 70s. Tried to see them three times and they cancelled the concerts. Good song about Levon sung by Marc Cohn, "Listening to Levon." He also does a nice piece on one of the Los Lobos albums, "The Ride" or "The Neighborhood," can't remember which one... That "good man" Levon was another character.

Nancy Nall

Fun fact to know and tell: He played Loretta Lynn's father -- excuse me, "daddy" -- in "Coal Miner's Daughter." Totally believable as a Kentucky hill dweller. And you can see him in "The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada" as the old man who asks to be put out of his misery.

And yeah, I liked "Up on Cripple Creek" too.


If you'd had an All Linda Rondstadt All the Time morning show I'd have listened quite happily.

Get a copy of Before the Flood, if you haven't already. Live Dylan and The Band, 1974.

Dave the H.

Here's one of those "credit for cool only in my own mind" stories: Second year in college, up in Binghamton, New York, and we drove down to NYC to hear The Byrds at Carnegie Hall (yes, great combo). And after that concert, we went to the record store next to Carnegie Hall, where they had just gotten in The Band, that second album.

Well, I had loved Music From Big Pink, so of course I bought The Band. We drove back up to school into the night, and arrived back early morning.

I played The Band on the record player in my dorm's rec room. And the "cool in my own mind"?

I was the first person on my campus to have and to play that great album by The Band.

Hey, we were intense about our music.

Dave, who got to meet Levon's daughter Amy a couple of years ago after an Ollabelle concert and she was as graceful and friendly as her singing is emotion and joy


I never really "got" The Band...or New Riders or the Dead or any number of bands of that era, altho I'm a huge Dylan fanatic, but barely listen to the Basement Tapes...but I can respect anyone who grew to age seventy and still looks like he can lace them up and play.

Rock on, Levon.


Check out the "When I Paint My Masterpiece" from probably early '90s, with Danko and Helm on lead vocals. It's easily seen at YouTube.

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