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According to her website, Lowden began her career as a teacher - what does she think teachers should be paid with? Apples? (the eating kind, not the computing kind.) Then she became a TV reporter; perhaps the station should have offered to paint her house in lieu of paying her a salary.


What's amazing - according to Talking Points Memo today - is that her campaign seems to be standing resolutely by the stupidity.

You know, I'm too young to have had this experience, but when I was in college I went to an M.D. - a really excellent one, an actual healer - who did accept produce for service. This was in Lancaster, PA - Amish country - and inevitably I would find myself sitting in the waiting room next to some Amish lady with a bushel of apples or potatoes by her chair. The whole office smelled like a farmstand.

The doctor was a homeopathic M.D. in his late sixties at the time, I'm guessing - maybe older, for whom an office visit cost $7.00, or anyway that's what he charged me, a college student who lived three doors down from his office. During the talk phase of your visit, he would sit at a distance and seem to be studying not just your body but the air around your body. Then he would do whatever exam he felt was needed. Then he would give you a treatment, in which he usually did a massage all along the spinal column, but there were other elements as well. I would say he never gave me less than an hour of full attention. And sometimes he would send me home with a homeopathic remedy - those could run up to a whole $5.00. Years later, I heard from someone who took a workshop from him in Philadelphia that he taught practitioners how to "read the aura." Oh! So that's what was up with the gaze!

Doc Williams and his wife lived alone in a house downtown with a huge organic garden in back, so they didn't really need the food. Instead, they would host huge weekly dinners for students, Quaker groups, social justice activists, and others. Mrs. Williams was forever getting herself in jail for one protest or another.

So yeah, if we had more doctors like this...

And if pigs had wings...and if Lowden had any business running for office...

I loved your take on this. You managed to capture all the key points. Thanks.

Anne D.


This is the funniest post you have written. Also, many insightful points were made. Maybe Lowden was inspired by the book, To Kill a Mockingbird, where Atticus Finch was paid with food by some of his clients. The book was set in hard times you speak of, the Depression. Like Sherri mentioned, what would Lowden do with a basket of apples?


I loved Victoria's Amish/Quaker Aura Healer story, not to mention the tart punchline.

Ken Muldrew

This is even crazier than the Deadwood libertarians! It's so crazy that I'm not even sure what Lowden sees as the problem that would be addressed by paying doctors with chickens. Is money the problem? Does she think we should return to an early-modern economy based on credit (in the Ben Franklin sense, "The most trifling Actions that affect a Man's Credit, are to be regarded. ... [etc.]")? Is she a Marxist who despairs that our economy leaves no other transaction between man and doctor than naked self interest and callous cash payment? Does she just think that doctors are paid too much and that by forcing them to accept their fees in made chicken we could bring them back down to subsistence wages?

I'd go with your memory burp theory but if the campaign is sticking to this plan, as Victoria indicated above, then there must be some thought behind this proposal (lunatic though it may be).

joel hanes

Over at Jesus' General, Gen. J.C. Christian is promoting an effort to contribute donations in kind to Lowden's election campaign -- one can donate live chicks, eggs, and appropriately, bovine manure.


My grandfather died of pneumonia when my mother was a little girl. Pneumonia. He was in the prime of life, a big healthy guy. It was the defining moment of her life. She adored him. She remembers being taken to his bedside to say goodbye. He was unconscious and breathing stertorously. There was nothing they could do -- they just had to give up and wait for the end. It was the end of so many things for her. The bank foreclosed on the business and they nearly lost the house as well. Forget about college, she had to quit high school after grade 10 and get a job. She lost her father to something that a healthy man can shake off today in a few days.

So to hell with the olden days, "before we all started having health care". To hell with them.



My grandmother's story is remarkably similar. Her father, the insurance man, died of congestive heart failure when she was 16. If he were alive today, he'd be alive today.

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