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You know, Lance, the disdain with which you use the word "mush" drips off the page. (You owe me a keyboard, but never mind that now.) And yet, and yet . . . you are married to the Blonde and have two sons, and you appear to dote on all three.

I call inconsistency!


There are reasons that the Skipper and Gilligan wouldn't react if Ginger sexed up the part. The Professor may be another matter, but I always saw him as the type who votes for Mary Ann in the endless Ginger or Mary Ann debates. Maybe the movie's major sub-plot will be Ginger v. Mary Ann.


Christina Hendricks is the obvious choice for Ginger.


Or maybe the major sub-plot will be Ginger and Mary Ann! That would put a real postmodern stamp on the Island.

But I'm with Lance. Just watch the TV show.


If this goes through, there is only one man who can play Thurston Howell: Christopher Walken.


But maybe they will take Gilligan in a new and creative direction! With good writers and a talented cast, they could ...
Oh, yeah, and why don't we put on a show in the barn ...

mac macgillicuddy

First of all, I thought they already MADE a movie version of Gilligan's Island, which flopped of course. I seem to recall seeing a movie poster with the new cast, all of whom were selected becasue they sort of resembled the original actors, standing in a group on a beach. Pehraps I imagined it, or imagine remembering it.

Anyway, the concept of Gilligan's Island has been supplanted by Survivor. I'm not sure anyone but Jeff Probst will every be able to take the place of the professor.

And third, your post is all about the reason why a movie version of GG probably ought to just be a porn film...

PS-Gilligan's Island was one of the few shows that was actually BANNED from our house, because it was so stupid (but I liked it..."Juuuuust sit right back and yuuul hear a tale...."


mac, if Gilligan's was banned, how was Petticoat Junction treated?

Ken Houghton

Speaking as one of the people who owns the DVD of Rescue from GI ($1.00), you would almost have to reconceptualize the series. (The big problem is that all of the plots were in Season One, but all the shows we remember fondly--Phil Silver, radioactive vegetables--are all Season Three.)

Ginger and Mary Ann living together for, er, A Good Reason might be a start.

mac macgillicuddy

Link, I remember watching Petticoat Junction on what I seem to recall as Sunday evenings. So I guess it was allowed. Also on the banned list were The Beverly Hillbillies, It's About Time and, of all things, Hogans Heroes.


Great thoughts on Sex and the City. I'm surprised they seriously considered Delaney if she was that much older than the character. It's not like she's some great actress who could have pulled it off, either. She's capable, but doesn't have that spark.

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