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Noooooooo! Dems, LISTEN TO LANCE!

Not only is Lance smarter than stupid right wing teabaggers, he's smarter than YOU too!


Lance is the political center. Lance is the balance point of reason. Joe Lieberman is the Fringe.

For the love of Vishnu, Please! LISTEN TO LANCE!!!


Shawn, based on your comments over the last several months, it appears that you think it's my job here to write posts disagreeing with myself. That it's up to me to point out how much I don't know, how I don't know what the hell I'm talking about, and how everything I believe and feel is wrong. I'm curious. Where did you get the idea that I should write posts that make it unnecessary for you to write a thoughtful, well-reasoned, actually researched comment or blog post of your own?

Also, I'd like to know. Do you ever actually follow a link from one of my posts so that you might learn, for instance, that it was a Republican pollster who's saying the race wasn't a referendum on Obama and health care?

Uncle Merlin

Hard working Blue Collar people here in MA are now saying it's time to start polishing the guns. That all we have in Washington are millionaires who have not the slightest concept of what it is like to live pay check to pay check, or even Middle Class anymore.

I'd be happy to set up the Empire and force all those DEM & REPUB Senators to get time cards ,punch in 30 hours a week with one hour for lunch and one full day in their districts once a week. And to be sure they always ride public transportation and public airlines from now on. Oh and no more health insurance for them we can save a bundle for education ,they can shop for their own. Oh and as Emperor I will build a large outdoor unheated domed forum near the Mall. This will be the only place lobbists will be allowed to meet/have contact with Senators,under pain of death for both, and it will have total public access 24-7. So YOU will be able to sit in on any conversation as a citizen of the Empire.
Oh and as Emperor I would streamline the Rules of Order, no more riders on bills, all bills in English that is the language we speak here and debate times regulated with total coverage online,on tv, on FB & Twitter.

Senators get two weeks vacation , one in February one in August.
I would also create a Citizen Representative who would also have a time card and seat on the floor and Veto power. He/SHe would take from all citizens, with valid SS#s, the online tallies of reactions to bills & debates to the floor.

All this inforce until we have a working independant energy, space, and education policy.

All Hail the Empire!


The problem with New York is simple: Pataki borrowed his (and our) ass off to pay bills that rightly he SHOULD have paid by raising taxes.

But he had, you know, aspirations...

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