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Someone ought to remind him this bill is in honor of his very good friend and ally, Ted Kennedy, and it would be a mitzvah if he kindly shut the fuck up.


I vote for the Washington Monument option.

Chris G.

The way to deal with Lieberman is to win some more Senate seats in 2010. I know the historical trend is against this happening, but wins in the Ohio, New Hampshire, and North Carolina are well within the realm of the possible, and Florida's seat could potentially be in play if the GOP primary gets as ugly as it could get. (And yes, that also means holding onto the seats in Colorado and Delaware.)

I don't know that Lieberman would ever actually become a Republican. If he did that he'd just be one more Republican obstructionist, and that could result in him getting less attention.


I agree w/ Chris--once he joins the GOP there's no need for the Dems to debase themselves for his amusement anymore. And unlike the Dems, the GOP will do business with Joe but they will never trust him.

We haven't mentioned his chairmanship of the Homeland Security committee, where he convened no meetings during the Bush years but now is using it as another way to be a pest.



As soon as I hit Send, I realized that first sentence was wrong. Of course the Dems will still ritually grovel before Joe if he's a Republican--same as the do with Snowe et al., if the circumstances are right.

They just won't do it as much, or as lavishly.



1. Ignore him.

2. Pass the current watered down bill in the Senate.

3. Fight as hard as you can to make it a better bill in conference.

4. Pass the watered down bill that comes out of conference.

5. Pass a public option/Medicare buy-in bill through the reconcilation process later.

6. Ignore him.

P.S., I doubt he's running in 2012. He's currently doing his audition to be Aetna's lobbyist at the end of his term.


Send Lieberman hunting with Dick Cheney and wait for the inevitable.

Mike the Mad Biologist

Nuke the filibuster, and make him irrelevant?


Lieberman is not the central issue at the moment. It's the White House, and where they are applying pressure. Hint: they're not applying any to Lieberman.


I think he would seriously miss his chair in the Senate Homeland Security Council. He likes his bully-pulpit, and that's a powerful lever - for him, and accordingly, against him. I vote for taking it away and spanking him, and then get serious about confronting the Rethugs every time they mention "cloture."


He needs to be thrown off all the committees that he is on. He's getting big bucks from contributors solely because of his committee membership, so tossing him off would hurt him in the pocket.

What Reid *should* have done was to throw him off one committee every time he chose to vote Republican. Since the Democratic party had seats to assign, they should have assigned them to *real* Democrats and not Sore Loserman.

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