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Sadly, Lance, for Tiger as well as for nearly any other talented athlete, actor or any other person we elevate to a status beyond humanity, a business decision.

Think about the past twenty years of sport, Lance. Name one athlete who rose to superstar status who has remained scandal free. Infidelity, drugs, gambling, you name it.

The only one I can think of is Derek Jeter, and likely the only reason he hasn't been tarred is he never got married. He was able to date and screw around freely. He doesn't strike me as a steroider, or a recreational user (altho he might be amped), or a gambler. But a lothario? Undeniable.

Formerly Apostate

There are two other reasons for getting married that you didn't mention: having kids and/or a family, and emotional support/day-to-day domesticity.

People you have casual non-exclusive affairs with don't bring you soup when you're sick, do the dishes and the laundry when you are busier than usual at work, don't share pets and their problems with you, don't put up with your least attractive personas and bad habits, don't see you when you first get up in the morning, don't love you if you haven't showered in days and have decided to give up on life, etc., etc.

Marriage is a support system in an American social set-up that leaves individuals very much unmoored and alone, islands all.

Marriage has been a questionable business decision for me, considering finances and sex - I can do much better on both fronts on my own - but it has been a boon in the emotional and day to day of managing life.

Shawn McDonald

Not only "Why did he get married" (Which is, of course THE operative question) but "Why did he marry a woman who obviously didn't fit his archetype?"

LOOK at those women. LOOK at them! They are all variations on a stacked tall brunette theme. It's like he was casting for a part and brought in a dozen women who all fit an archetypal look.

...and then there's Elin.

Going forward:

1. Endorsements will dry up.
2. His net worth will plummet.
3. He'll lay low.
4. He'll go back to earning a very comfortable living from his clubs instead of his name.
5. He will reemerge as Lance's playboy and bed everything in sight (of the Paparazzi). Consider him an A-rod in training.
6. His memoir will outsell the Bible.


Re Warren Beatty... and when he did finally get married he married Annette Bening, who is one fabulous dame, a fantastic actor and looker. Ole Warren knew what he was doing.

Re your comments on the meaning of and reason for marriage: I agree and think that they quite well express why there should be same-sex marriages. These are concerns for all people and it isn't fair to deny them to some people.

Bob Church

An old adage comes to mind. To be French is to have an affair; to be American is to get caught.

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