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Bill Altreuter

I'm not so sure Palin hurt McCain's campaign. McCain was pretty much doomed, stuck with the policies of Bush that he'd embraced because he wanted to be president more than he wanted to stand up against his party. That's why all that guff about what a patriot McCain is makes me so sick. Patriots stand up for what they believe in, even when it is unpopular. That's the American way, and as far as I can tell McCain has only ever done that once, when he was going down in flames against Bush in the South Carolina primary. And I mean once, for the record. His military service doesn't persuade me, frankly, and there is nothing in his legislative record that seems so wonderful either. Basically he has the reputation he does because he was once a marginal Republican character who didn't mind shooting his mouth off with reporters. When it has come down to making the tough calls McCain has always, always come up small. If we are to believe what we read, Palin wasn't even his call. He wanted Holy Joe, and was touted off it, just as he allowed his ambition to tout him off a spot on Kerry's ticket (something he lied about, btw).

Palin got him a bit of a bounce, but in the end the VP pick seldom makes much difference. Quayle didn't hurt Bush pere, after all.


a smug, unctuous, uninspiring, sanctimonious smirker

I think the answer to both the question of why Gore chose him, and why he's so popular with the Village set, are contained in that description.

Gore chose him because he was the anti-Clinton not in policy but in personality - a moralist scold who couldn't charm a friendly dog with a raw steak if he tried. And it is that very character that makes him appealing to the punditry who talk him up - they are just like him, opportunists who swing with the breeze of public opinion, who like to claim the high ground in order to sneer upon the commoners below, who think that being the center of attention is always good and that principles are something only prigs and fools have...

They talk up Palin because it allows them to feel superior - she's a rube trying to play with the big boys and that's always entertaining - and they give Lieberman air time because what he says echoes their own thoughts and mindset. And none of them are loyal to anything other than their own self-interest.


Also, don't forget they have no political judgment at all -- these are people who actually thought the voters would find Fred Thompson and Rudy Guilliani sexy.


Lieberman probably helped Gore in Florida with the retiree set, who unfortunately couldn't figure out the butterfly ballot,


H-Bob, as much as he had any, Lieberman's appeal in Florida was to people who normally vote Democratic anyway. Bob Graham would have helped with Florida all around. As for the butterfly ballot and retirees: That was one county, where a lot more than just 2000 or so retirees live, and besides nobody knows who cast those ballots, so I think more blame should fall on the bureaucrat who approved the design, a Democrat, btw, and not on people who might very well have figured it out. That said, the majority of the blame for "losing" Florida and the election belongs to Gore himself.


"the main reason for voting for Gore was that he would continue the very popular President’s policies"

Bill Clinton was not personally popular. If he was, he would have been able to win a majority of the vote running for re-election in 1996. If he couldn't even do that, before all the Monica mess, to think he would have been some huge boon to Al Gore in 2000 is wishful thinking.


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